Hello, everyone! I am SuperBlueYoshi. I am a Nintendo fan and a brony, and love to play video games.

I have a Youtube channel where I make videos of me playing various games. Here it is below:


In-game Goals[edit | edit source]

Summer Event 2020

  • Buy the event costumes and guild leader items


  • Craft more plushies
  • Craft the Woodland Egg

In-game Achievements[edit | edit source]

  • Get all of the non-calendar common, rare, and mythic cats in the hero book (except for Minty Heart)
  • Craft all of the eggs in the alchemy (except for the Woodland Egg)
  • Complete the main story
  • Craft plushies (26/30)

Halloween Event 2019

  • Complete all 15 event quests
  • Craft all of the non-merge event eggs at the alchemy

Purrismas Event 2019

  • Complete all 25 event quests
  • Purchase all of the Purrismas event guild leader outfits
  • Craft all of the Purrismas event eggs and the Mew Year's Eve eggs
  • Buy Sandy Claws, Jadis, Rocket, Mrs. Paws, Alfie, and Lisa
  • Unlock the Purrismas Event 2016 and 2017 storybooks

Valentine Event 2020

  • Complete all 19 event quests
  • Craft all Valentine's Event eggs
  • Buy all guild leader items for the event
  • Buy Venus, Gordon, Amortina, Xiao Hui, Charmer, and Rich, and unlock all story books for the past Valentine's Events.

Spring Festival Event 2020

  • Complete all 15 event quests
  • Craft all Spring Festival eggs and plushies
  • Buy all of the guild leader items
  • Buy Curio (Festival), Bob (Festival), Nolan, Baz, Hop, Renee, Tekah, and Tefiti
  • Unlock all of the storybooks from the previous Spring Festival events

Call of Heroes Event 2020

  • Complete all event quests
  • Purchase all guild leader items
  • Craft all eggs
  • Buy all event costumes
  • Buy Justicecat and Metal Claw

Anniversary Mini-Event 2020

  • Unlock the Anniversary Event 2017, the Call of Heroes Event 2018, the Anniversary Event 2018, the Summer Event 2019, and the Anniversary Event 2019 storybooks
  • Craft all anniversary event eggs and the Summer Event 2019 eggs
  • Buy Dorothy, Saito, Harbour, Minerva, Calli, and Basil
  • Buy costumes from the anniversary 2018 and 2019 events (except for Nyadra and Purrcis's costumes)

Summer Event 2020

  • Complete all 16 event quests
  • Craft all of the eggs
  • Buy Starsky
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