aka SiF

  • I live in The Land Down Under~ [UTC+10]
  • My occupation is Procrastinating
  • I am Male
  • Bio Artist, writer and horrible pun maker.
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Lorekeeper Gold Badge Wikia Info:
Hi! I'm Slytherinisforver [misspeeling extraoidinaire], but instead of that mouthful you're welcome to call me SiF!

I'm here most of the time, and I help with adding new cats, editing a whole bunch of random pages, image editing (mainly cat images) and adding new avatar customizations. For now I'm the one who updates the shoutouts, wiki theme and CSS, so if there are any issues you see with them please do bring them up!

Feel free to contact me about anything via my Message Wall ^^

Daily Quests Icon To-Do List: (🔰 = working on)

  • Missing Cat Images 🔰
  • Visual Hero Book 🔰
  • Cat Page Templates
  • Avatar Customizations
  • News - Styling for old sections
  • Update old Event Pages
    • Infobox
    • Icons
  • Special:Community
  • Wiki Styling
  • Cat Navigation [+ Tabber]
  • Wiki Clean Up
    • Template Documentation
    • Categorization
      • Templates
      • Images
      • Documentation
      • Categories
    • Unused Images
    • Describing Categories
  • Mediawiki Default Pages
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