Castle Cats Wiki

Guild Info (Castle Cats)[]

Joined: Valentines Day Event 2018

Level: 63

Main Story: Page 71

Heroes Collected: 89/263 cats

Quests Completed: 3851+ (+ means more)

Reputation Levels[]

Mighty Lions: Level 6

Zenpaws: Level 6

Whiskers: Level 8

Main Outfits[]

(currently not adding--)


cats: Pan, Boreal, Aery, Akari, Flower, Luna Sparkle, Azure, Nessie, Harbour, Loka, Morrigan, Halley, Lumoz, Celestia, Cupcake, Stitch, Bill, Khoshek, Lotus, Newt, Capri, Berry, Snowball.

Story: Halloween event 2020, Summer Event 2019, Spring Event 2021

Event: Spring, Summer, Halloween, Heroes day.


~To reach level 100

~To get Levana and Athea

~To get all the event cats in every single event

~To complete all event badges in every single event

~To finally get Chroma from the Alchemy