aka Lunatrixx/Luna

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  • I live in my house
  • My occupation is an artist (kinda not really)
  • I am female noob


okay i'm gonna actually try this time-

h ello,

i'm Lunalactic, in which you can call me Luna or moonlactose if you really want to.

i've only played for a little while so I don't have anything like Celestia or Lois.

usually play as a dead now and have obtained some cool cats.

i'm somewhat going around on the pages and checking for spelling mistakes or false information and kinda just fixing it. 

you might see me around, spelling color like colour, giving advice or acting stupid. wh o kn o w s-

expect mistakes '>w>

Favourite catsEdit

these are placed in order from favourite to least favourite. (out of 10)
  1. Saito
  2. Azure
  3. Snowball
  4. Olivia
  5. Harbour
  6. Clarkii
  7. Celestia
  8. Chroma
  9. Halley
  10. Morrigan
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