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AJ Graham (FB, Reddit)
AKA: Adventurologist (Discord)
Guild Leader: Kashmir

In-game Goals[]

  • Collect every F2P Hero in the game
  • Acquire as many GL items and Hero Outfits as possible
  • Acquire all new F2P content and complete all activities in every event

In-game Achievements[]

  • Played every day for nearly 3 years running
  • Currently playing in my 26th event
  • Reached Guild level 680
  • Reached VIP rank 2
  • Collected 251 Heroes total
    • Earned 231 Heroes through gameplay
    • Collected 97% of all F2P Heroes (243/251)
    • Collected every Common and Rare cat in the game
    • Collected every Legendary cat in the game
    • Collected every Alchemy cat in the game
    • Collected every F2P Event cat released through Halloween 2020
    • Spent 18,600 gems to acquire 66 Heroes
    • Purchased 19 MTX cats, including 7 Celebrity Heroes
    • Won 1 celebrity hero in a PocApp developaws giveaway
  • Fully evolved and leveled all Heroes
  • Completed all Missions
  • Earned every F2P Event Badge
  • Earned full Reputation status before tokens could be bought for real money:
    • Whiskers: acquired Sting & all GL items
    • Mighty Lions: acquired Thena & all GL items
    • Zenpaws: acquired Jade & all GL items
  • Built a collection of Hero and Guild Leader customizations:

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