AJ Graham (FB, Reddit)
AKA: Adventurologist (Discord)
Guild Leader: Kashmir

In-game Goals[edit | edit source]

  • Collect every FTP Hero in the game
  • Collect the last Reputation reward cat
  • Expand collection of GL items and Hero Outfits
  • Craft all plushies

In-game Achievements[edit | edit source]

  • Played every day for 2 years running
  • Reached level 565
  • Collected 207 Heroes total
    • Earned 198 Heroes through gameplay
    • Collected 97% of all FTP Heroes (205/210).
    • Collected every Common and Rare cat in the game
    • Collected every Alchemy cat in the game
    • Spent 15,600 gems to acquire 56 Heroes
  • Fully evolved and leveled all Heroes
  • Completed all Missions
  • Reached final stages of Reputation system
    • Whiskers: acquired Sting
    • Mighty Lions: reached level 50
    • Zenpaws: acquired Jade
  • Built a collection of Hero and Guild Leader customizations

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