• Hi SiF. Is there any reason not to have links to the cats' social media / Instagram pages? I thought I would add them, if I can find them, if that's okay?

    Also, two of the cats have their charity ad in the Promotional Images section, whereas the rest are in the Trivia section under relevant text. Which location is correct? I can switch the ones that are wrong.

    Thanks, AJ

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    • Hey! I think the cats have them linked in the Hero Book entries, but I don't think most people would look at them/see them there, or they'd expect them in trivia so I'd say that's a great idea!

      Trivia. The Charity ad isn't actually from the Facebook, so they were originally in trivia and I think fit more in there.

      Thank you very much!! You're a great help :)

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    • I added the link to Nala's trivia, in some intro/explanatory text. I'm not sure if the two sentences should be in the same bullet or separate, sub-bullet or what. Could you take a look? I'll wait to do the others. Thanks!

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    • Oh man, I looked and I can see it working both ways. But I read Nala's trivia & saw the first half of your comment before reading the whole thing and my initial reaction was "looks good!", so I think that the way it is now in one bullet works! That makes it a lot clearer {about the Charity cats & how they work}, thank you.

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