• So i have started to make a wiki for the new game and would like some help with it.

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    • Oh! Actually I was gonna suggest just adding it to this wiki [and becoming Castle Cats/Dungeon Dogs wiki] because they sounded like they were gonna be similar. I've only mentioned it on the Discord server so far and it still needs discussion, but that way less set-up required & all in one place. With that in mind would you still prefer a different wiki? I'm planning to help either way but I'd just thought I'd tell you of that one.

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    • Oh, god, please, no. They're *different* games, and not everyone is gaga over Dungeon Dogs. They need separate wikis.

      I'm a heavy user of the CC wiki, and often contribute in comments, tho anonymously. Mixing in a different game would make the menu at the top unwieldy, the activity feed cluttered, and the suggested pages at the bottom overwhelmed, especially when DD goes live and there is a flurry of new page construction.

      I think you're being misled by your own excitement into thinking that the CC and DD communities are one and the same. Sorry if I jumped in somewhere I'm not supposed to, but I appreciate your consideration of my comments.

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    • I agree with the this user. Even though they both have the same gameplay, its best to have them separate since it would need two of the same pages. Ive started work on it, i just need to find it. ill send a link

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      Its gonna require a lot of help since, as i mentioned before, i only know some of the basics. Hopefully i can get my phone so i can edit images to put on there.

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    • I think the answer as to what to do is dependant on just how different the games end up being, and just how disjointed the two entries actually are.

      I can see arguments for both possibilities. On the one hand: "[...] expands on the Castle Cats universe by giving you tried and tested gameplay mechanics in a completely new environment. Featuring a brand new narrative that fits perfectly into the Castle Cats universe [...]" is suggestive that the overall gameplay will be the same, and that it might take place on the same planet (or at least the same universe). It also says: "the story for the release event will reveal all these things" for the questions of whether the game takes place in the same universe or whether DD characters will meet the CC characters. However, another few answers suggests that there won't be any crossovers and that the plot will be completely standalone. What this means for the games and whether or not they're connected in some way, is unclear and up for interpretation.

      While I don't disagree with either assessment at this current juncture (separate wikia or an all in one wikia with a rebranding), I do think that there should be a contingency plan for either scenario. To that end, while I would personally assess the separate wikia as jumping the gun at this moment in time, I also Do Not inherently disagree with its possible existence. I feel that it's a bridge to cross when we arrive at it. [That said, this is my own personal viewpoint on the matter and is not necessarily indicative not of my fellow moderators' opinions or that or the community consensus. My opinion could very well be the minority one.]

      I can point to The Legacy of Kain Wikia and The Final Fantasy Wikia as a precedent for different shared-universe games existing in a single wikia, but I can also point to Runescape Wikia and Old School Runescape Wikia as a precedent for even a shared-title game to have more than one wikia. I think time will tell.

      In the meantime, since it sounds like the mechanics will remain the same in both games, I do believe that we owe it to PocApp fans to maintain a sense of consistency across the wikia articles on both wikia. To that end, I would like to ask if you would please look through the template structures and familiarize yourself with the underlying code. If you have any direct questions about the code itself, how templates are connected, or even what the logic was behind some of these templates' creation and/or structure, feel free to ask in the CCW Discord. User:GhaztlyIsTakenAlready, since you are currently creating the sister wikia, I will attempt to fast-track your verification in the CCW Discord, if you would like me to. Just let me know in the verification-requests channel.

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    • i dont know about the discord since i prefer to use it on my phone and i am having problems with my data not letting me use a lot of social media type apps and websites.( i cannot upload videos on youtube or even view my own videos)

      if discord doesnt have to be downloaded on the computer, then ill do it, but if not, then i cant

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    • Also, could you link some vidoes on some stuff like adding wiki activity and changing, what i assume,is the editing style? as in in my DD wiki, the editing things are so different from what im used to. I never made a wiki before so i would like some stuff to help learn how to put it into shape.

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    • Nono Annon, you're good [and actually thank you for commenting. Your concerns are acknowledged/will be taken into account and I was actually editing the navigation yesterday and thinking about how it would work with two games, as well as the Main Page, the Mobile Main Page, how many pages we would have to clarify were cc/not, categories... (admittedly I did not consider the feed or the recent activity as I wasn't aware others looked at that ^^' Or that it may make it difficult for non editors) But it's still a possibility and everything's on the table right now. I am not sure if my hype is clouding my judgement as I actually always meant to ask, should PocApp make a new game, if we should document that too [and add a page on the other two games or something]. Granted though, I had thought it would be another cat game with reoccurring characters from Castle Cats because that was originally what the devs said they would do with their games.] It does affect you so you're welcome to contribute, it's meant to be a decided by everyone...

      Which also means that just like because me thinking that maybe it's a good idea to be a wiki for both doesn't mean we're gonna do it, Ghaztly deciding to create a Dungeon Dogs wiki doesn't decide for everyone what is going to happen. I agree with Trunkuza that it is too early to tell [as well as that how similar the games are/aren't will help determine (as well as community opinions, annon), which we will only learn as time goes on and my reasoning is discussed quite neatly by Trunkuza] and I also think you're jumping the gun. We don't even have a release date yet, let alone enough information to create a wiki ^^' I mentioned that possibility because the wiki was just created and then I was asked if I could help, not 'I'm thinking of creating a Dungeon Dogs wiki but I need some help bla bla' before it was created, so there wasn't a chance to let you know about that idea before.

      Discord does have a mobile app.

      How much do you know currently, like what do you know? Should I assume no knowledge of Source Editor and start from scratch? Another thing to consider is that Fandom is currently migrating to the UCP, which means this wiki and the new ones are a little different, not sure how editors may differ.

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    • (This is my phone account)

      Yea, Discord may have a mobile app but it doesn't work with my data. I have been using data ever since February and its so annoying as I have to use the computer to look at twitter. 

      With the editor I'm used to, I can make simple pages and that's really it. I started off editing pages on Box Critters, then I learnt how to make headings and galleries on Angry Birds. 

      You know, if I'm able to change what the wiki is, I can change it to something like a CC/DD page about concepts and ideas for Merch, gameplay, features and games if the agreement goes that DD and CC share a wiki. 

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    • Ahhhh I think I misread, my bad ^^' There is a browser version of Discord for the computer, I used it for 2 years with no problems. And dang, hope there's an end in sight for that one >.>

      w:c:community:Help:Source edit mode <-- Editor I recommend. It has the greatest amount of control and you can do the most amount of stuff with it. I'll go see if I can find some videos and/or help pages to help ya [I taught myself, so I can't give you any resources that helped me ^^'].

      Alright, that sounds like another idea. Thank you for listening ^^ We'll see how it goes

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