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Green Rare Ember.png This page contains information regarding the Summer Event 2017.
Much of the content below is copied verbatim from Castle Cats and is therefore copyrighted by PocApp.

The Summer Event is a full event in Castle Cats that was added in version 1.5.2. The event started on August 4th and ended on September 12th. This event brings three new cats, one which is purchased with real money, and two that can be acquired through Alchemy. It also adds new armory costumes for three cats, as well as new customization options for your guild leader.



These cats are featured in the Summer Beach Questline: Conan, Catniss, Francis, Wetbeard.

Quest List[]

Number Name Level Slots Skill Duration Reward
1 Gazing Sun 1 3 Heroic, Perceptive, Magical 1h 2 Gems, 10 Watermelon, 450 Gold, 345 XP
2 Yarr?! 2 3 Heroic, Perceptive, Magical 1h 2 Gems, 10 Sea Shells, 525 Gold, 600 XP
3 Pirate Ship 2 1 Perceptive 1h 2 Gems, 10 Sunscreen, 450 Gold, 400 XP
4 Crash 2 1 Perceptive 1h 2 Gems, 15 Watermelon, 450 Gold, 400 XP
5 Stranded 2 2 Perceptive, Perceptive 1h 2 Gems, 15 Sea Shells, 487 Gold, 500 XP
6 Fish Compass 3 2 Heroic, Perceptive 2h 2 Gems, 15 Sunscreen, 881 Gold, 930 XP
7 Cat Cave 3 1 Heroic 2h 2 Gems, 25 Watermelon, 825 Gold, 765 XP
8 Crazy Pirate 3 2 Perceptive, Magical 2h 2 Gems, 25 Sea Shells, 881 Gold, 930 XP
9 Da Booty 3 3 Heroic, Perceptive, Magical 2h 2 Gems, 25 Sunscreen, 937 Gold, 1368 XP
10 Sailing 4 1 Perceptive 2h 2 Gems, 50 Watermelon, 500 Gold, 840 XP
11 LAND! 4 2 Perceptive,


2h 5 Gems, 1 Mythical Ticket, 50 Sea Shells, 50 Sunscreen, 565 Gold, 1350 XP
Totals: 17h 25 Gems, 1 Mythical Ticket, 100 of each Event Material, 7888 Gold, 8428 XP


The Summer Beach Party quest line has a transcript page.



Event specific and non-story quests during this time include new, limited time drops: Watermelon, Sea Shells, and Sunscreen.

These were used in Alchemy to make the following eggs:

Name Picture Description Materials Craft Time Cat
Beach Egg Beach Egg.png Use Summer Materials to create a new Hero. She loves the beach. 400 Summer items.jpg 2d Sandra
Admiral Egg Admiral Egg.png Use Summer Materials to create a new Hero. Maybe she will help you catch those lousy pirates? 400 Summer items.jpg 2d Amelia
Totals: 800 of Each Material 4d 2 Cats

Summer Boost[]

If there are ads to watch in the system, the ad buttons will appear. When activated, the summer boost gives you +3 of a random Summer Event material on non-event quests. E.g: 3 Watermelon + 3 Watermelon or 3 Sunscreen + 3 Sea Shells.



The following costumes for the main three cats, Conan, Catniss, and Francis are available for gem purchase during this event:

Snorkeling Conan 200 Gems
Beach Lounging Catniss 200 Gems
Beach Bro Francis 200 Gems
Total 600 Gems


Additionally, there are new customizations for your guild leader, available during this event:

Snorkelling Outfit 200 Gems 1 Variation
Beach Lounging Outfit 200 Gems 1 Variation
Beach Bro Outfit 200 Gems 1 Variation
Captain Outfit 400 of Each Material 6 Variation
Pirate Scimitar 50 of Each Material 1 Variation
Total to buy every variation 600 Gems, 2050 of Each Material 10 Variations


There are three limited time offers for sale during this event. One cat is available, as well as alchemy materials: Watermelons, Sea Shells, and Sunscreen, are available for direct cash purchase during this event.

Pirate Captain Summer Materials
Yarr! Take the seas by storm with the most piratey cat hero of them all, Captain Wetbeard! Need more Summer Materials for your beach party? Get them here!
Get Wetbeard now! Get 100x of Each Materials! Get 400x of Each Materials!
$4.99 USD $0.99 USD $2.99 USD