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Want to help out? Here's some things we need help with! [Ask if you want/need additional clarification.]

New Cat Icon.png Cat Pages

  • Trivia Sections
    • Remove or correct incorrect info
    • Fix any Grammatical errors, or bad (or not as good) wording choices
    • Sort out any info clumped together on one dot point into one 'header' dot point with several sub points for quick readability
    • Research more trivia points, and/or expand on the current points
      • Check for confirmed references [references directly confirmed by the devs], and add them to trivia/bump trivia points up to confirmed status. Confirmed references go at the top of the trivia, and MUST have a link to where they are confirmed. [See Conan for an example]
    • Remove "Confirmed" from "confirmed reference to [x]" if there is no link to where it is confirmed

Blue Star icon.png Images

  • Missing Outfit Box & Reputation Chest Avatar Customizations
  • Official Images
    • Look through the Official Facebook and upload relevant images that aren't on the wiki. Name them something appropriate [eg: Image of Renée = "Renée Official Image.jpg". Remember that everything must have a different name]
    • Make sure Official Images are in the category "Promotional Images"
    • See Unused Images and put any Official Images that aren't on a page, on the correct one(s)
  • Upload/Update Hero Book that are...
    • Missing
    • Not of the Rank 5 version
    • Outdated [ie: the cat has since had a visual update]
    • Not of the Hero Book [ie: a purchase screen]
    • 'Frankensteined' (Multiple screenshots/images)

Story Book 2 Icon.png Misc

  • Flesh out Mini-games, in particular the Matching Mania sections
  • Any missing gifs, or cats missing attacks for Attack Skills. See lists on page.
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