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Each Castle Cats hero has two of seven possible skills in the game, although the second skill is locked until the hero is fully evolved to Rank 5. No skill confers any benefit over any other and, aside from light definitions of a cat's personality, they are mostly arbitrary. Once a hero has both skills unlocked, the order in which they appear no longer matters; two cats with the same pair of skills but in reverse order are exactly equivalent for all intents and purposes.

Skills act as the main barriers to entry for all quests: a quest's skill requirement(s) must be met or its Great Success Chance might drop below the maximum of 95%. If a quest has more skill requirements than hero slots, some or all of the participating cats will have to satisfy two skill requirements. Therefore, having enough fully evolved cats with a variety of skill pairs is crucial to a player's ability to run multiple quests concurrently and successfully.

In particular, the Main Quest cannot be completed without numerous heroes who have acquired their second skill; all level 10 Normal Quests have twice as many skill requirements as hero slots; and all Reputation Quests at any level require three fully evolved heroes.

The following chart lists the 21 skill pairs and the cats that have them.

Skill Pair # Cats
Athletic icon.png Charismatic icon.png
12 Box: Bunny, Dovah
Other (Non-Event): Bloom, Stark
Event: Angela, Cat Patrick, Charmer, Flower, Frosty, Lou, Starsky, Titania
Athletic icon.png Crafty icon.png
15 Box: Azure, Curio, Howard, Lumoz
Other (Non-Event): None
Event: Agatha, Anna, Curio (Festival), Darla, Eric, Ginger, Lewis, Nolan, Ryder, Saito, Venus
Athletic icon.png Heroic icon.png
13 Box: Grubb, Maximus, Thor
Other (Non-Event): Blink
Event: Cluck Norris, Dash, Hosico, Kenshin, Leesi, Mequa, Shaun, Silver, Skully
Athletic icon.png Magical icon.png
12 Box: Cassandra, Yangnyan
Other (Non-Event): Oreo
Event: Aisling, Cookie, Jadis, Peanut, Red Robin, Sandy Claws, Shen, Stormcloud, Tekah
Athletic icon.png Perceptive icon.png
14 Box: Catniss, Navi, Tyrus
Other (Non-Event): Selene, Sting
Event: Bubbles, Clarkii, Cleia, Gale, Jack, Lagoon, Miss Jura, Olivia, Sofie
Athletic icon.png Sneaky icon.png
13 Box: Juliet, Romeo
Other (Non-Event): Nessie
Event: Avalanche, Baz, Echo, Finnegan, Hen, Holly, Juan, Renée, Snowball, Tigerbat
Charismatic icon.png Crafty icon.png
13 Box: Alice (the Dame), Boulder, Courage, Coco
Other (Non-Event): Beans, Cupcake
Event: Alfie, Ash, Bella, Calli, Jörgen, Mrs Paws, Pete
Charismatic icon.png Heroic icon.png
15 Box: Athea, Conan, Edna, Leonard
Other (Non-Event): Molly
Event: Akari, Basil, Cole, Justicecat, Knightniss, Kotinka, Lisa, Maccha, Rich, Rose
Charismatic icon.png Magical icon.png
14 Box: Loka, Purrcilla, Sibuna
Other (Non-Event): Minty Heart
Event: Angdra, Boreal, Emma, Harbour, Iridessa, Purrcis, Sabrina, Sundae, Xiao Hui, Yule
Charismatic icon.png Perceptive icon.png
13 Box: Angel, Benedict, Cleo, Samūm
Other (Non-Event): Megara
Event: Amortina, Angel (Festival), Gatsby, Glaucous, Kate, Matilda, Phantom, Star
Charismatic icon.png Sneaky icon.png
11 Box: Oakenpaw, Pipsqueak
Other (Non-Event): Hood
Event: Bill, Cocoa, Eych Tu-o, Hilda, Lucy, Tufu, Wendy, White Widow
Crafty icon.png Heroic icon.png
15 Box: Scarlet, Levana
Other (Non-Event): Flailtail, Jade, Newt, Ollie
Event: Abuela, Gordon, Iko.N, Jason, Monty, Meowstein, Shirley, Sprinkles, Tom Snow
Crafty icon.png Magical icon.png
15 Box: Alfa, Dexter, Edward, Feoh, Francis, Frieda, Morrigan, Pancake
Other (Non-Event): Kyle
Event: Dio, Francine, Krystal, Magic Mia, Marie, Marmalade
Crafty icon.png Perceptive icon.png
14 Box: Mewton
Other (Non-Event): Atchoum, Lois, Pink
Event: Azel, Berry, Dorothy, EK-0, Florinda, Hop, Julio, Rocket, Rudolph, Vasco
Crafty icon.png Sneaky icon.png
16 Box: Bob, Molotov, Snooze
Other (Non-Event): Eira
Event: Bob (Festival), Crabina, Eve, Keiko, Logan, Lucas, Metal Claw, Oakenbeard, Pan, Sandra, Snappy, Wadjet
Heroic icon.png Magical icon.png
11 Box: Barry, Halley, Mawizinea, Murrlin, Nyadra
Other (Non-Event): Chloe, Chroma, Kian
Event: Dandelion, Xerxes, Yarngirl
Heroic icon.png Perceptive icon.png
13 Box: Nobu, Robin
Other (Non-Event): Hoshi, Thena
Event: Aery, Ferdinand, Florence, Gruna Barkle, Jin Shu, June, Santa Paws, Tefiti, Wetbeard
Heroic icon.png Sneaky icon.png
14 Box: Dory, Tea-Rex
Other (Non-Event): Capri, Copper, Smush, Stitch
Event: Alice (Charity), Callum, Cosette, Harvey, Lucious, Minerva, Ratchet, Steve
Magical icon.png Perceptive icon.png
14 Box: Luna Sparkle, Redmane
Other (Non-Event): Celestia
Event: Chi, DJ Retr-0, Fafnir, Lumi, Lune, Patricia, Paytone, Sunset, Surana, Svea, Vaati
Magical icon.png Sneaky icon.png
14 Box: Chief, Kai
Other (Non-Event): Franklyn, Henry, Mego, Nicole
Event: Adriel, Coffee, Fortuna, Hiro, Kittysticks, Night Queen, Opal, Pumpy
Perceptive icon.png Sneaky icon.png
13 Box: Dango, Mochi
Other (Non-Event): Eric (Celebrity), Khoshek, Lotus
Event: Ace, Amelia, Charlie, Demaires, Klaus, Nala, Nicholas, Oskar


  • Magical-Perceptive is the only skill pair not represented by a Common or Rare Box cat, but the Mythic Box cats Luna Sparkle and Redmane both have this combination.
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