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Quests are a major aspect of gameplay, appearing on the Questboard and offering rewards upon completion.


Main Article: Tutorial transcript
The tutorial for the game, lead by the player's first cat Purrcilla, teaches the basics on how to play, and gets the player started in running their Guild.

Story Quests[]

Story Quests have cut scenes of dialogue both when you send them off and after you complete them. If you have any Story Quests left to do, they will always appear on the far left of your Questboard, and to send off a Story Quest you must fill all the requirements for them exactly.

There are two types of Story Quests: Main Quests and Event Quests.

Main Quest[]

The main quest follows Conan, Catniss, and Francis in their fight against the Evil Pugomancer, who is trying to create a spell that will ruin the lives of the citizens of Catania, and turn everyone into dogs! Luckily, your guild will try their hardest to stop him and retrieve everything the Evil Pugomancer needs to cast the spell.

There is a Quest list and a Quest transcript.

Event Quest[]

Event Quests are limited-Time quests only available for the event duration, and new ones unlock every few days or so until they're all complete. They follow their own stories and frequently feature more cats than the main story quests.

Quest lists and transcript links are found on the relative event page.

Normal Quests[]

Normal quests refresh every 15 minutes in real time. The number of Quests that appear is relative to the level of your Quest Board, maxing out at 10 quests.

The levels of the quests are relative to the MIN and MAX selected in the "Preferred Level" selection at the end of the Questboard.

The rewards and their amounts are based on the level of the quest, as well as the number of skills needed, the duration for the quest, and the number of cat slots the quest gives you. Unlike with Story Quests, you can assign cats that are lower than the level of the quest and/or that don't meet the skill requirements, at the cost of Great Success chance.

There is a page for the Quests rewards table of your "standard" Normal Quests, and there are also two special types of Normal Quests: Battle Quests and Reputation Quests. Both only appear from Quest level 6.

Battle Quests[]

Main Article: Battle Quests
Battle Quests are unique as they have one wave and require the player to enter the battle to finish off the Boss. They can be differentiated from other quests by the "-Battle Quest-" above the Quest Name, and the health points bar at the bottom of the Quest Card.

Reputation Quests[]

Main Article: Reputation Quests
Reputation Quests are the main source of Reputation Tokens and the only Quest type that offers them as a reward. They can be differentiated from other quests by their colored Questcards which give off a glint, and match the color of the Guild's Reputation Token that they reward - purple for the Whiskers, yellow for the Mighty Lions and light teal for the Zenpaws.


Enter Battle Icon.png

Once you've assigned cats to a quest, you can enter into a Quest Battle to decrease the amount of time the quest will take.

During a quest battle, your cats will fight against waves of enemies and a final Boss, that has twice the HP of the previous enemies. Every wave that is defeated will give loot: Metal, Wood, Cloth or Coins, or sometimes even rare loot: Gems, Gold Nuggets, Oldwood, Silk. Having one or more Ninja Looter icon.png Ninja Looters on the Quest increases the chance Rare Loot will drop; the more Ninja Looters, the higher the chance.

Cats will automatically attack, but you can also tap the enemy to expend Tap Energy and attack the enemy yourself. Expending this energy will also fill up your cats' Attack Skill Charge; when full, you can tap the cats' portrait to have them use their Attack Skill, dealing massive damage to the enemy. When there is a Warlord icon.png Warlord on the Quest they will randomly trigger other cats' Attack Skills and make the Quest progress even faster.

Your maximum amount of Tap Energy is based on the level of your Quest Board, and it will refill at a rate of 1 energy every five seconds. When your energy gets low enough, you will be given the option to use a potion in order to fill the bar. When you run out of potions entirely, you can watch an ad once every 30 minutes to get one extra. You can also play Mini-games to earn up to five potions every hour.

Your cats cannot get hurt or killed by enemy attacks. However, their attack skill charge drains when they're hit.

Great Success Chance[]

Great Success Chest

Quests will always succeed, but they also have a chance to have a "Great Success", shown on the right when assigning cats. The Great Success Chance caps at 95%. The rewards that are shown when you accept the quest are the rewards for a great success. Assigning cats that meet or exceed the quest level and assigning cats that meet the skill recommendations for the quest are the best way to ensure that you complete a quest with a Great Success. Assigning a cat that is a higher level than the quest level, for example, will give you a higher % chance than assigning a cat that matches the level.

Success Chest

If, however, a quest does not finish with a Great Success when you claim it, you are given the option to watch an ad to try for an increased chance of succeeding. Watching an ad will remove the rewards that you just got and roll back the quest to the unclaimed state, and you will reroll your Great Success Chance to have another chance of getting the Great Success rewards when claiming the quest again. You do not get the option a second time, however, if it still doesn't finish with a Great Success.

Whether or not you get a Great Success is rolled before claiming a Quest so exiting the game and re-entering will not reroll.

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