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Quests are the primary form of gameplay in Castle Cats and the only source of XP for leveling up the Guild and its heroes. They are also necessary for earning adequate supplies of gold, event materials, and other resources.

Available quests can be found by tapping on the Questboard, which opens the quest selection screen and displays an array of questcards. Each questcard shows the level of the quest, the skill requirements or recommendations (depending on quest type), two of the rewards, and, usually, the quest's idling duration. Tapping on a questcard brings up a quest configuration screen with additional details, including the number of hero slots; the materials cost, if any; and the full array of rewards, including gold and experience points (XP). Although materials costs and possible rewards vary by quest type and level, gold and XP are always part of a quest's prize package. Tapping on a hero slot allows the player to choose a cat from the hero selection screen. As heroes are assigned to the slots, any Traits they have that affect the quest's parameters, eg. bonus rewards or duration reduction, are indicated on the screen. Once all slots have been filled, the player can initiate the quest.

Story Quests[]

Story questlines feature dialog cutscenes that appear when each quest is initiated and again upon their completion. Questcards appear at the left end of the Questboard's quest selection screen and must be completed in order, one at a time. Unlike Normal Quests, heroes sent on story quests must each meet the level requirement and must collectively meet all of the quest's skill requirements.

Main Story Quest[]

Main Articles: Main Story Quest, Main Story Transcript
The Main Story Quest in Castle Cats is a 118-quest campaign that begins during the Tutorial, where the player learns the basics and gets started on their first quests. The epic tale follows the heroes Conan, Catniss and Francis in their fight against the Evil Pugomancer, who is trying to create a spell that will turn everyone in Catania into dogs! It is the mission of the player's guild to prevent the villain from obtaining the spell ingredients and save the land.

Event Quests[]

Most full Events in Castle Cats include a storyline incorporated into a series of quests that are only available for the duration of the event. New quests typically unlock every other day or so until the campaign has been completed. Event stories proceed independently of the Main Story and frequently feature more heroes than that story does. Quest lists and transcript links can be found on individual event pages, and the dialog scenes of unlocked event stories can be replayed in the Story Book.

Normal Quests[]

Appearing to the right of any story questcards, Normal Quests refresh every 15 minutes in real time. The number of Normal Quests that appear on the Questboard is dependent on the board's level; see Upgrading the Questboard below. Minimum and maximum quest levels can be set using the widgets in the "Preferred Level" area at the right end of the quest selection screen. A quest's level determines its materials cost, rewards, duration, the number of skills required, and the number of heroes that must be assigned. Unlike story quests, in which the participating heroes must meet level and skill requirements, heroes assigned to normal quests do not have to match the quest level or satisfy the "recommended" skills, but the quest's Great Success Chance will be adversely affected if they do not. There are three different kinds of Normal Quests: In addition to Regular Quests, two additional types become available at quest level 6 and above.

Regular Quests[]

Main Article: Regular Quests
Regular Quests, which have no special features beyond the basics described above, make up the majority of quests available at nearly any given time. As Purrcilla says in the tutorial, "Regular Quests are your main source of Rewards and XP for your Heroes."

Battle Quests[]

Main Article: Battle Quests
Battle quests are unique in that the fight consists of just one round against a single boss enemy, and they cannot be left to idle: players must enter and complete these quests manually. Battle quests are differentiated from others by being labeled as such, and instead of indicating quest duration at the bottom of the questcard, the boss's health points bar is shown instead.

Reputation Quests[]

Main Article: Reputation Quests
Reputation quests are the main source and only questing source of Reputation tokens, the means by which the guild levels up its status with its Allies. They are distinguished from other quests by the color of their questcards corresponding to those associated with each allied guild: purple for the Whiskers, yellow for the Mighty Lions, and light teal for the Zenpaws.

Quest Mechanics[]

Upgrading the Questboard[]

The number of Normal (non-story) Quests that appear on the Questboard depends on its level, which starts at level 1 and a maximum of four quests and can be further upgraded to level 10 with a maximum of ten quests. Raising the level of the Questboard also expands a player's maximum Battle or Tap Energy capacity; see the Entering Battle section below. Questboard upgrades can be made in the game's Shop, accessed by tapping the red-ribboned box in the lower right corner of the guild hall screen. The level of the Questboard is not related to the levels of individual quests; those are predetermined for story quests but can be set by the player for Normal Quests, as described above.

Great Success Chance[]

Great Success Chest

One key feature of each quest is its Great Success Chance. While all quests succeed and award some XP and gold, only quests that have Great Success will provide all of the rewards listed on their questcards. A quest's Great Success Chance depends primarily on how well the assigned heroes meet the quest's recommendations or requirements. The maximum chance is 95%, which can be reached by sending cats whose levels meet or exceed the quest's level and who collectively meet all of its skill requirements. The chance can also be increased toward the maximum by assigning heroes with success boosting traits.

Success Chest

When a quest does not meet with Great Success, players whose devices are online are given the option to watch an ad in exchange for re-rolling the chance. If the roll succeeds, then the lesser rewards are replaced with the quest's full set of rewards. If it does not succeed, however, there are no further opportunities to change the result. Whether or not a quest is a Great Success is determined before the quest is claimed, so exiting the game and re-entering will not produce a different outcome.

Quest Items Inventory[]

Quest Item Inventory

At the top of the quest selection and quest configuration screens is an image of a box of potions. Tapping this icon opens the inventory for the quest enhancement items players can craft in Alchemy: Speed Potion, Student Potion, Diamond Lens, Golden Shovel, Ember Lantern, Forged Papers, and other items. Once an enhancement is activated in the inventory window, it will be applied to all subsequent quests until depleted, unless it is deactivated before depletion. Each of the ten items can be toggled on and off individually as desired.


Enter Battle

Once a quest is initiated, players can enter the battle to finish it sooner than if it had been left to idle for its default duration. Neither the guild leader nor the other participating heroes can be hurt or killed during battle and don't even have health bars. While the cats attack on their own, players can tap on the enemy themselves to deplete its health even more quickly. Tapping expends Tap Energy, represented by a yellow progress bar at the top of the battle screen. Tap Energy is automatically albeit slowly replenished and can also be fully restored with Energy Potions or by watching an ad if no potions are available. Energy Potions can be earned, up to five of them per hour, by playing Mini-games.

Every hero has an Attack Skill that does significantly more damage than regular attacks. The guild leader executes its special attack automatically. Other heroes' attack skills must be engaged by the player when they are fully charged, by tapping the cat's portrait at the bottom of the battle screen when it flashes and becomes surrounded by a golden border. Charging happens automatically but is accelerated while the player is tapping on the enemy; at the same time, being hit by the enemy will drain a hero's attack skill charge. Damage done by these attacks is indicated in red numbers that appear over the enemy position.

During battles enemies appear in waves, the number of which is dependent on the level of the quest. The final round features a boss with twice the HP of the previous enemies. At the end of each wave, the enemies drop bonus loot, which primarily consists of common resources: gold coins and the basic materials metal, cloth, and wood. But each drop has a small probability of being a rare item instead: a Gold Nugget, Oldwood, Silk or gem. Various hero traits are designed to expedite open battles and improve enemy loot drops, as explained in the Traits article's sections on battle enhancement and bonus loot traits.

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