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Green Rare Ember.png This page contains a direct transcript of Old Tutorial.
Much of the content below is copied verbatim from Castle Cats and is therefore copyrighted by PocApp.

This page is outdated. For the current Castle Cats tutorial, please see the Tutorial article.

This page, Old Tutorial, contains heavy spoilers for the Main Quest Storyline. Proceed at your own risk.

Actions that the game requests of you are in italics, and are credited to "Player".

Act One: Conan[]

Player Loads the game
Chooses a language [(American) English automatically selected]
Presses start [opens in Avatar Customization screen]
Conan Hi there! You must be the new Guild Leader!
I'm the brave knight Conan, protector of Catania!
I'm here to help you start up your very own Hero Guild.
Player Uses Avatar Customization to create their own Hero, and then presses "Confirm"/bypasses and presses "Confirm" prior to creating a cat.
Denies/allows Castle Cats to access their photos [?]
Conan Hello again, Guild Leader! Are you ready to get started?
Evil Pugomancer Pff! Small fry like you will never defeat me!
And who's this ugly person with you? Geez!
I can't be bothered with such a weak hero.
Zombies - take care of him!
Conan It's - the Evil Pugomancer!
And zombies! *shiver*
We have to stop them!
To the Quest Board!
Player Tap on the quest board.
Tap on the Zombies! quest.

Main Story Quest[]

Quest Number 1
Quest Name Zombies!
Level 1
Slots 1
Skills Heroic
Duration 3m
Reward 1 Common Ticket, 615 gold, 265 XP
Conan All Quests have a Level Requirement and at least one Skill Requirement.
Meeting Quest requirements increases the Great Success Chance of the Quest.
Earning a Great Success gives you all the Rewards shown in the box.
Assign me to the Story Quest by tapping the empty slot!
Player Watches as the screen dims and the empty slot becomes the only responsive thing on screen.
Taps on said slot to see the list of assignable cats.
Conan As you can see, I am Level 1.
And I have the Heroic skill.
Just what we need!
Player Taps on Conan's slot.
Conan Now that I'm assigned, all requirements are met.
So now the Great Success Chance has increased.
Now we're all set. Let's start the Quest!
Player Taps on the "Start Quest" button.
Conan When a Quest is[sic] started you can click this button to enter the Battle!
See you on the battlefield, Guild Leader!
Player Taps on "Enter Battle."
[It should be noted that the quest timer will not decrease at this time, so they had to enter the battle.]
Conan Welcome to the battlefield!
By defeating enemies, we can finish the Quest faster.
So let's beat up some zombies!
Tap on the enemy to damage him, and tap on a Hero's portrait to use their Attack Skill when it's ready.
Player Chooses to do nothing/Mmakes this part go by faster by tapping the enemy and tapping the hero portrait when it's highlighted.
Taps "Return to Guild" when the battle ends.
Conan *phew* What a fight! Those zombies were a pain!
At least we got some loot - Let's collect it!
Player Taps the Quest Board.
Taps on the finished quest.
Taps on the screen three times, near the chest, to open it and collect the loot.
Taps once more to exit the screen and return to the Guild Hall.

Act Two: Catniss[]

Conan Sweet! Good pay for some hard work.
Sch! Someone's coming...
Catniss Hellooo? I'm looking for Conan, the Knight.
Conan Oh, that's me! Who are you?
Catniss I'm Catniss, the Archer!
I heard you're helping with a new guild, and I would like to join you!
Conan That's fantastic! Of course you can join us!
We need all the heroes we can get to defeat the Evil Pugomancer.
Now that Catniss has joined us it would be a good time to Upgrade our Fortress.
Tap the Upgrades Button to enter the Shop.
Player [As the upgrades button is the only thing capable of being interacted with] taps it, then the fortress button.
Conan The Guild Fortress decides how many Heroes you can send on Quests at once.
Player Purchases the Upgrade for the Fortress.
Conan Look at that new Fortress! It's amazing!
Now we can send 4 Heroes on Quests instead of just 1!
Evil Pugomancer: So, you've gotten yourself a friend?
Think you're stronger now, do you?
Stronger than a DRAGON, you think?!
Conan A dragon? You don't have a dragon!
Evil Pugomancer Oh, but I do! And it's coming for your stupid guild!
Player Taps on Quest Board.
Taps on Dragon?! Quest.

Main Story Quest[]

Quest Number 2
Quest Name Dragon?!
Level 2
Slots 1
Skills Perceptive
Duration 30s
Reward 1 Gem, 1 Common Ticket, 750 Gold, 100 XP
Conan This quest requires the Perceptive skill!
I don't have that skill, but Catniss does!
Player Assigns Catniss to the quest.
Catniss Hey, my Level isn't high enough for this Quest!
Conan That's unfortunate... Let's do an easier Quest first then!
Player Taps the X to return to the quest list.
Taps the 'Training Course' Quest.

Normal Quest[]

Quest Name Training Course
Level 1
Slots 1
Skills [it would seem as if this is different for everyone, or used to be]
Duration 10s
Reward 100 Gold, 360 XP
Player Assigns Catniss and starts the quest.
Conan Quests are automatically completed over time and do not require Battling.
Since the Duration on this one is so short, let's wait it out.
It will be finished in no time!
Any second now...
Player Taps on the finished quest and collects the rewards.
Collects the rewards from the Guild level increasing
Conan How do you feel, Catniss?
Catniss I feel much stronger! I'm sure I can take care of that flying lizard now.
Conan You go, Catniss!
Player Taps Quest Board and assigns Catniss to the Dragon?! Quest
Return to the guild screen.
Conan As you can see, building a strong guild is essential to defeat the Evil Pugomancer.
So let's get our third recruit!
New heroes are recruited in the Shop.
The first one's on me!
Player Taps on the Cat Box button.
Taps on the Common Box.
Taps the button on the bottom to use their Common Cat Ticket [? Conan said "The first one's on me!", so Francis may once again be free like in v1.09]
Taps the box that appears to collect Francis [there is no option to the side to purchase extra Boxes, unlike after the Tutorial].

Act 3: Francis[]

Francis Hey?! Is this the cat guild?
Conan Hi! Yes.
Francis We get gold for throwing fireballs at dogs here?
Conan Well, yes...
Francis Purrfect, sign me up!
Conan What a... special fellow.
I'm going to leave you on your own for a while now, Guild Leader.
If you allow push notifications, we'll tell you when a Quest is completed.
For now, I suggest seeing how Catniss is doing on her Quest.
For Catania!
Tutorial Complete... Main Quest storyline continues here.

Trivia: Version differences[]

Version 1.2[]

The earlier versions had a number of differences. This is but one comparison example:

Act 1[]

  • The Zombies first mentioned by the Pugomancer and repeated by Conan were "Zombie Rats." The quest name, however, remained the same.
    • The quest was only 10 seconds and included a single gem instead of a Cat Ticket.
    • Great Success Chance references were strictly "Success Chance".
    • "A higher Success Chance increases your chances of getting good rewards."
    • "Now we're all set. Let's start the quest," and onward were replaced with "I'm off to fight some zombies! Wish me luck!" It continues with "*phew* What a fight! Those zombie [rats] were a pain!"
    • "At least we got some loot - Let's collect it!" was replaced with the similar "At least I found some loot - Tap the Quest Card to collect it!"

Act 2[]

  • "Sweet! [etc]" was "Sweet, we got some coins! [etc]"
  • The next change comes immediately when you assign Catniss to the Dragon quest. Instead of the current dialogue, it played out like this:
    Catniss: "You're sending me alone... against a dragon?!"
    Conan: "Don't worry, Catniss, We believe in you!"
    "But... It seems your Level is too low."
    "The Quest requires a Level 2 hero, but Catniss is only Level 1, so she can't go on it."
    "Let's help her level up by doing another Quest first."
    • There is also no mention of the battling feature, nor Conan "talking" to you while you both wait for the ten seconds of the quest to finish.
    • The Level 2 guild reward was also different, it gave no coins, but gave 85 metal 35 wood, 35 cloth, and a red ember.
  • The rest of the dialogue for Act 2 continues as usual.

Act 3[]

  • Act 3 is drastically different in this version, and the tutorial touched on evolution:
    Francis: Hey?! Is this the cat guild?
    Conan: "Hi! Yes. Are you the new recruit?"
    Francis: "Yup, I'm Francis."
    Conan: "Welcome, Francis, we are glad to have you here!"
    "We need all the help we can get in order to defeat the Evil Pugomancer!"
    Francis: "Ok, sure. Do I get gold for doing this?"
    Conan: "Uhm, yes..."
    Francis: "And I get to throw fireballs at dogs?"
    Conan: "Well... yes."
    Francis: "That's purrfect."
    {Francis leaves}
    Conan: "Now you know all about Quests and recruiting heroes, right?"
    "The last thing I'm going to teach you is how to evolve your heroes."
    {Tap the fortress, then Conan}
    "Heroes are evolved by pressing the Evolve Button here."
    "Heroes at their first Rank have their Trait and their second Skill locked."
    "By evolving, these are unlocked and will help you on Quests."
    "Evolving requires Cat Souls, which are gained by dismissing heroes."
    "But don't worry! We already have one for my evolution!"
    "Wow! I got a knight's shield!"
    "The next time I evolve, I will unlock my Trait: Guild Banner."
    "Congratulations! Now you know the basics of being a Guild Leader."
    "It's now up to you to expand the Guild and manage its members."
    "Catniss should finish the Dragon Quest soon."
    "You can receive notifications when Quests are completed by allowing push notifications."
    "Now, let's see what adventures await us once Catniss returns!"

Version before-the-new-Fortress-was-introduced[]

Act 2[]

  • As the Fortress was different back then, the section right after Catniss came in (when the Fortress was touched on) was different:
    Catniss: "My name is Catniss, and I'm an Archer"
    "I heard you're helping with a new guild, and I would like to join you!"
    Conan: "That's fantastic! Of course you can join our guild!"
    "Now that Catniss has joined the Guild, we're one step closer to defeating the Evil Pugomancer."
    "Before Catniss can do Quests, though, we have to activate her."
    {Tap on the Fortress.}
    Conan: "In the Fortress Menu you get an overview of all your heroes."
    "These are your active heroes."
    "As you can see, our Guild Fortress is already is already at its capacity."
    "So, if we want Catniss' help, we have to Upgrade the Fortress first."
    {Tap the X to close the window.}
    "Tap the Upgrades Button to enter the Shop."
    {The upgrades button becomes the only thing capable of being interacted with. Tap it, then the fortress button, then the upgrade button.}
    Conan: "Look at that new Fortress! Good job!"
    "Let's enter the Fortress Menu once again."
    {Tap on the Fortress.}
    Conan: "Tap on Catniss' card to check her status."
    {Tap on Catniss.}
    Conan: "You set heroes to active by pressing the Activate Button."
    {Tap the arrow}
    Conan: "Great job! Now Catniss is ready for adventure!"
  • Continues the same as current

Version 1.7.8[]

Act 1[]

When the game was loaded, the player started in the Guild Hall, not the Avatar Customization menu. The player also did not get to create their own Guild Leader in the Tutorial; instead they got the default one - a cat with the solid grey fur, a heroic face with blue eyes and a long tail. All the Avatar Customization dialogue wasn't there, and instead of saying "Hello again, Guild Leader! Are you ready to get started?" he said: "The goal of this Guild is to recruit heroes in order to save Catania from the Evil Pugomancer.".