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Mini-games are simple time- or score-based challenges—unrelated to Castle Cats' primary gameplay—in which players can earn small amounts of resources for use in the main game. They are accessed by tapping on the playing cards in the upper right corner of the guild hall screen.


Murrmory Logo.png

Murrmory was added in version 1.6.3, and is a "Memory" game. It is played like a standard memory game; you tap on the cats to match them in pairs. Only 2 cats are revealed at a time - one move - and there is no time limit, but the time taken is one contributing factor to the rewards you will earn upon completing a game.

Matching Mania[]

Matching Mania Logo.png

Matching Mania was added in version 2.5.1, and is a match-three puzzle game. In 20 moves you must try and clear as many tiles as you can by matching three or more of the same tile. There is no time limit, and the time taken does not determine the rewards you will earn upon completing a game.

Match Combos[]


Destroys tiles in a 4x4 radius.



Makes multiple bombs appear among the tiles.



Shoots 3 beams in every direction.



Shoots a beam in every direction.



Makes multiple energies appear among the tiles.



Clears all the tiles.



Mini-games offer rewards of potions, gems and coins, as follows.

They are the only way to get large amounts of potions that replenish Tap Energy consumed while actively engaged in battle. One potion is awarded upon completion of a game regardless of time or score, up to a maximum of five per hour.

Players can also earn up to four gems a day, with the possibility of an additional gem from a Daily Quest. Gems are only awarded when certain performance criteria have been met, as described in the next section.

When a game does not result in the award of a gem, either because the criteria were not met or because the daily cap has already been reached, a small amount of coins is awarded instead, with the amount varying based on performance, also described below.

Reward Requirements[]


In Murrmory both the time and moves taken determine the rewards.


Moves: 16 or less
Time: 25 seconds or less
2x Gold Reward: 1 Gems.png/500 Coin icon.png (if gem cap reached) 1x Gold 1x Silver Reward: 200 Coin icon.png
1x Gold 1x Bronze Reward: 200 Coin icon.png


Moves: 17-25
Time: 26-40 seconds
2x Silver Reward: 200 Coin icon.png 1x Silver 1x Bronze Reward: 100 Coin icon.png


Moves: 25+
Time: 40+ seconds
2x Bronze Reward: 50 Coin icon.png

Matching Mania[]

In Matching Mania only the score determines the rewards.


Score: 25,000 or more
Reward: 1 Gems.png/500 Coin icon.png (if gem cap reached)


Score: 17,500 - 24,999
Reward: 200 Coin icon.png


Score: 15,000 - 17,499
Reward: 100 Coin icon.png
Score: 14,999 or less
Reward: 50 Coin icon.png



Matching Mania[]


  • When Murrmory was originally introduced (v1.6.3) it did not include a gem cap, and the criteria for earning a gem were 15 moves, 25 seconds. Once the developaws saw how many gems players were earning they tightened the requirements to 14 moves, 22 seconds (v1.6.6). After players expressed displeasure with this change, they made it easier to earn gems again and imposed a gem cap instead (v1.6.7).[1]
  • In January, 2020, the developaws asked fans on social media what kinds of mini-games they would like to see in Castle Cats.[2] While numerous players responded, no new mini-games have been added as of this writing.

Official Images[]

Promotional or Teaser images focusing on mini-games, as posted on the Official Facebook page.


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