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Green Rare Ember.png This page contains information and dialogue for Metal Claw.
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Color Rare Ember.png Metal Claw is an event cat that can't be currently acquired in Castle Cats but still exists in-game for those who have already obtained it.

Metal Claw is a Mythic Call of Heroes Purchase Hero.

Buying Metal Claw unlocks the Call of Heroes 2018 Story Book.png Call of Heroes Story Book.

➢ Metal Claw is available during the Call of Heroes icon.png Call of Heroes Events: in 2018 for $4.99 USD, and in 2020 onward for 300 Gems.png and as a possible reward in the Valentine Event Box.png Event Box.

➢ Metal Claw was available in the Blue Star icon.png Anniversary Event 2018 as part of the Call of Heroes 2018 Event Pack for $9.99 USD.

➢ Metal Claw was a Timewalker for 300 Gems.png on November 10, 2018; on November 8, 2019; and on December 23, 2020.


Metal Claw
Silhouette when Locked Metal Claw Locked.png
Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 4
Metal Claw Rank 1.png Metal Claw Rank 2.png Metal Claw Rank 4.png
Who's this kitty? Just a regular nobody. Metal Claw's only wish is to be accepted by the League of Villainous Evil Cats, but she has yet to succed[sic] in any of her evil doings.
Rank 1 Rank 3 Rank 5

Sneaky icon.png
Trait - Recharger
+50% increase to Attack Skill charge during Battles.

Recharger icon.PNG

Crafty icon.png
Mythic Cat icon.png
Call of Heroes
Call of Heroes icon.png


Rank 2 2 Green Rare Ember.png 2000 Coin icon.png
Rank 3 4 Green Rare Ember.png 4000 Coin icon.png
Rank 4 6 Green Rare Ember.png 6000 Coin icon.png
Rank 5 8 Green Rare Ember.png 10000 Coin icon.png


Rank 1[]

  • "I'm just a regular cat."
  • "You don't recognize me. I just have that kind of face."

Rank 2+[]

  • "I am Metal Claw!"
  • "I am a supervillain!"
  • "(They suspect nothing...)"
  • "The League will have to accept me after this..."


  • Metal Claw is a young antagonist seeking acknowledgement from the League of Villainous Evil Cats, which seems to be a parody of the Guild of Calamitous Intent from the animated series The Venture Bros.
  • She might also be a parody of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog as she wants to join the League of Villainous Evil Cats and talks about singing after her defeat by Justicecat, just like the character in that series.
  • Metal Claw has a tendency to narrate her situation and goals in the form of a powerful expository ballad, a trait often shared among villains.
  • In the Call of Heroes 2018 Quest Metal Claw abducts Conan and makes him a villain/thrall known as the Masked Blade.
    • The Masked Blade wears a metal claw as a cloak pin, possibly signifying his status as a minion to Metal Claw.
  • Metal Claw is Justicecat's archnemesis.
    • They have a cat-and-mouse relationship in which Justicecat "pities" Metal Claw to the point where he allows her to escape regularly so she can devise another evil scheme, only to be defeated and allowed to go free again, typical of hero/villain relationships.
  • Metal Claw is a Munchkin cat[1], a breed based on a genetic mutation that results in shortened legs.


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  1. Discord post by Castle Cats developaw Nilla, April 21, 2022.
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