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PocApp Studios, the company responsible for Castle Cats, also offers game-related physical merchandise for sale in the Castle Cats Store. Products include enamel pins, plush toys, clothing and accessories, stickers and mugs. Additional information, special offers, and a link to the store can be found in-game by tapping the yellow shopping bag icon in the lower left of the guild hall screen.

Prices vary from $5.99 to $54.99, and payments are processed in U.S. dollars. Products can be shipped to any country except Chile and Russia (due to known issues). Pins and plushies are shipped from Sweden while t-shirts and mugs are shipped from America and Europe. Shipping takes 1 to 4 weeks. Note that products sometimes go out of stock or even become discontinued, as items are only restocked if demand is strong enough. The lists below are current as of January 28, 2022.

Enamel Pins[]

Enamel pins range in price from $9.99 USD for single pins to $18.99 USD for two-pin bundles. Many pins offered in the past have been sold out or are otherwise no longer available on the store.


The store offers a variety of 100% soft cotton unisex t-shirt designs available in 4 to 6 colors each. They are regularly priced at $24.99 USD each.

Additional designs include:

  • Caticorn Fiery Wings (Black, White, Navy, Heather Blue, Heather Prism Dusty Blue, Pink, Soft Cream)
  • Caticorn Rainbow (Black, White, Navy, Heather Midnight Navy, Heather Forest, True Royal, Dark Grey Heather)
  • Francis - I am Fangtastic (Black Heather, White, Navy, Mauve, Athletic Heather)
  • Hubert - Cute But Dangerous (Black, White, Navy, Heather Midnight Navy, Heather Forest, True Royal, Dark Grey Heather)
  • Morrigan - Witch, Please! (Black Heather, White, Navy, Gold, Pink, Heather Prism Lilac, Heather Prism Mint)
  • Stitch - I See No Pawblems (Black, White, Navy, Forest)


Acrylic knit beanies cost $19.99 USD each and are 12"/30cm in length. They come with the following designs stitched on the front.

  • Cat in a Tree
  • Bob - Airplane
  • Bob - Friendship
  • Catniss - Pizza
  • Curio - Friendship
  • Saito - Sushi
  • Tea-Rex


Mugs cost $13.99 USD each, hold 11 oz. and are available in nine different designs on a white background.

Additional designs include:

  • Alfie "Holiday" Mug
  • Caticorn Fiery Wings Mug
  • Caticorn Rainbow Mug
  • Hubert "Cute But Dangerous!" Mug
  • Rudolph "Christmas" Mug


Sticker sheets cost $5.99 USD each and contain multiple stickers grouped in various themes.

  • Castle Cats Sticker Sheet
  • Holiday Stickers
  • Hobbies Stickers
  • Halloween Stickers
  • Valentine Stickers
  • Hubert Stickers
  • Holiday Sticker Tags

Discontinued Merchandise[]

Enamel Pins[]

Plush Toys[]

Plush toys for Catniss and Francis were available for several years but are currerntly sold out. A few different prototypes for a Conan plush toy were made but none were ever put into production. The Francis plushie was the first to be prototyped and several models were produced before one was chosen to market. Catniss has no prototype due to her having a simpler design than Francis, according to the developaws.


Prints were taken off the store due to low sales sometime in late 2020. There were 13 different print designs.


Before a dedicated online store was opened, Castle Cats t-shirts were sold on Amazon. Most of these shirt designs are currently discontinued.

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