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A variety of materials are used in Castle Cats to pay for collectibles, upgrades and quests, and some of these resources can be exchanged for others as needed. The currencies, gold and gems, are tracked at the top of the guild hall screen, while supplies of other materials are recorded in an unlabeled inventory window accessed by tapping the satchel icon at the top of the screen to the right of the gem counter.



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Gold coins are the main currency in the game. They are used to purchase Common and Rare Cat Boxes, as well as Outfit and Event Boxes, and are part of the required payments for evolving heroes; crafting some Plushies; and buying the Monthly Challenge outfits and Weekly Challenge heroes. They can also be used in the Market as exchange for basic and rare materials.

Gold can be obtained from or multiplied by the following sources:



Gems are used to purchase Mythic Cat Boxes, previous years' Premium event cats, Timewalkers and Artifacts; to expand the Fortress Hero Limit; to speed up crafting; to reset the Questboard; and as required materials for crafting some Alchemy Eggs and Plushies. They can also be traded for gold if needed.

Gems can be obtained from the following sources:

Station Materials[]

Station Materials are used to pay for quests and alchemy items and to upgrade the Fortress, Questboard and the material stations themselves.

Basic Materials[]

Basic materials are generated by the stations on an ongoing basis; the production rate varies according to the level of the station. They can also be obtained from regular quests, battle loot, and as exchange in the Market.

Metal icon.png Wood icon.png Cloth icon.png
Metal Wood Cloth

Rare Materials[]

Each basic station material has an associated rare material. They are needed to pay not only for quests and alchemy items but also for crafting some hero eggs and plushies.

Gold Nugget icon.png Oldwood icon.png Silk icon.png
Gold Nugget Oldwood Silk

Rare station materials are available from the following sources:


Embers are primarily used to evolve heroes from lower ranks to higher. They are also sometimes required for crafting Alchemy Eggs and Plushies as well as the Monthly Challenge outfits. They are further needed to pay for some Reputation Quests. There are six different kinds of embers.

Red Ember.png Green Ember.png Blue Ember.png
Red Green Blue
Red Rare Ember.png Green Rare Ember.png Blue Rare Ember.png
Red Rare Green Rare Blue Rare

Embers can be obtained from the following sources:

Reputation Tokens[]

Reputation Tokens are used to level up a player's status with the three allied guilds, each of which has a different token; upon reaching a new level a Reputation Chest can be crafted. Tokens can be obtained through Reputation Quests, Missions, Weekly Challenges, the Outfit and Event Boxes, Daily Rewards and microtransactions.

Whiskers Rep Token.png Lions Rep Token.png Zenpaws Rep Token.png
Whiskers Mighty Lions Zenpaws

Event Materials[]

Most full events, and in a few cases mini-events, offer event-specific materials as quest rewards and for sale as microtransactions from the Event Shop. They are used to craft the event's limited-time Alchemy heroes and Plushies and to purchase the event's guild leader items.

Purrismas Events[]

Purrismas Mat 1.png Purrismas Mat 2.png Purrismas Mat 3.png

Valentines Events[]

Val Mat 1.png Val Mat 2.png Val Mat 3.png

Lunar New Year[]

Lunar New Year Mat 1.png

Cat Patrick's Day[]

CPD Mat 1.png

Spring Festival[]

Spring Mat 1.png Spring Mat 2.png Spring Mat 3.png

Anniversary Events[]

Anni Mat 1.png Anni Mat 2.png Anni Mat 3.png

Summer Events[]

Summer Mat 1.png Summer Mat 2.png Summer Mat 3.png

Call of Heroes Events[]

CoH Mat 1.png CoH Mat 2.png CoH Mat 3.png

Halloween Events[]

Halloween Mat 1.png Halloween Mat 2.png Halloween Mat 3.png

"Purrismas is Coming"[]

PiC Mat 1.png PiC Mat 2.png

Purrismas 2017[]

PiC Mat 1.png PiC Mat 2.png Purrismas Mat 1.png

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