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There are a number of different Materials in Castle Cats.


Coins Edit

Coin icon Coins

Coins are the main currency in the game. They are used to grow your guild roster by purchasing Cat Boxes, to help evolve your heroes, buying the Outfit and Event Boxes, and can be used to exchange for materials.

Ways to earn coins:

Gems Edit


Gems are used to purchase more Fortress slots; speed up crafting and reset the Questboard; buy Gold, Timewalkers, Previous Event Premium Cats, Artefacts, and the Mythic Cat Box.

Ways to obtain gems:

  • Quests
  • Rare Loot in Battles
  • Levelling up
  • Login rewards
  • Playing Mini-games
  • Daily Tasks
  • Missions
  • 5/day from watching an ad [Gem Bonus]
  • Using Diamond Lens from Alchemy
  • Purchased via micro-transactions

Station MaterialsEdit

Station Materials are used to upgrade your guild stations.

Basic Materials Edit

Basic materials are generated by the stations themselves, they are:

Wood icon Metal icon Cloth icon
Wood Metal Cloth

They can also be obtained by Loot from Battles, exchanging in Market, and sometimes as rewards on Normal Quests.

Rare Materials Edit

Rare materials cannot be gained through the stations, although the stations affect how many you can hold at any given time. These are instead gained through Quests, Rare Loot in Battles, or through the Market. They are:

Oldwood icon Gold Nugget icon Silk icon
Oldwood Gold Nugget Silk


Embers Edit

Embers are used in the increase the rank of your cats, and are used in Alchemy to craft Eggs and Plushies, or exchange for other Embers. Common Embers are used in crafting Promotions and as required Materials for some Reputation Quests.

They appear as rewards in Battle Quests, and Normal Quests [on the appropriate day: Tuesday for Red, Wednesday for Green, Thursday for Blue, Friday for Red Rare, Saturday for Blue Rare and Sunday for Rare Blue; or using Ember traits], can be crafted in Alchemy, or obtained through Reputation Chests, the Outfit Box, the Event Box, Daily Rewards, Missions and Login Rewards.

There are six Embers in the game:

Red Ember Green Ember Blue Ember
Red Green Blue
Red Rare Ember Green Rare Ember Blue Rare Ember
Red Rare Green Rare Blue Rare

Reputation Tokens Edit

Reputation Tokens are used to gain Reputation with your Allies. They can be obtained through Reputation Quests, Missions, Weekly Challenges, the Outfit or Event Box, and Login Rewards.

There is a different Token unique to each allied guild:

Whiskers Rep Token Lions Rep Token Zenpaws Rep Token
Whiskers Mighty Lions Zenpaws

Event MaterialsEdit

There are also event specific items that are used to purchase Guild Leader Items, and in Alchemy to create limited-edition event cats and Plushies.

Purrismas EventsEdit

Purrismas Mat 1 Purrismas Mat 2 Purrismas Mat 3

Valentines EventsEdit

Val Mat 1 Val Mat 2 Val Mat 3

Cat Patrick's DayEdit

CPD Mat 1

Spring FestivalEdit

Spring Mat 1 Spring Mat 2 Spring Mat 3

Anniversary EventsEdit

Anni Mat 1 Anni Mat 2 Anni Mat 3

Summer EventsEdit

Summer Mat 1 Summer Mat 2 Summer Mat 3

Call of Heroes EventsEdit

CoH Mat 1 CoH Mat 2 CoH Mat 3

Halloween EventsEdit

Halloween Mat 1 Halloween Mat 2 Halloween Mat 3

"Purrismas is Coming"Edit

PiC Mat 1 PiC Mat 2

Purrismas 2017Edit

PiC Mat 1 PiC Mat 2 Purrismas Mat 1

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