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Green Rare Ember.png This page contains information and dialogue for Krystal.
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Color Rare Ember.png Krystal is an event cat that can't be currently acquired in Castle Cats but still exists in-game for those who have already obtained it.

Krystal is a Mythic Anniversary Purchase Hero.

➢ Krystal has been available in the Anniversary Icon.png Anniversary Events since 2021: in 2021 for $4.99 USD and from 2022 onward for 300 Gems.png and as a possible reward in the Valentine Event Box.png Event Box.

➢ Krystal was a Timewalker for 300 Gems.png on April 29, 2022.


Silhouette when Locked Krystal Locked.png
Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 4
Krystal Rank 1.png Krystal Rank 2.png Krystal Rank 4.png
Krystal is the secret guardian of the magical Iridium Iris flower. The power to turn anything you want into a precious metal can be used by many evil rulers.
Rank 1 Rank 3 Rank 5

Crafty icon.png
Trait - Ember Catcher
Enables a chance to get a random Common Ember during Battle.

Ember Catcher Icon.png

Magical icon.png
Mythic Cat icon.png
Anniversary Event
Anniversary Icon.png


Rank 2 2 Green Rare Ember.png 2000 Coin icon.png
Rank 3 4 Green Rare Ember.png 4000 Coin icon.png
Rank 4 6 Green Rare Ember.png 6000 Coin icon.png
Rank 5 8 Green Rare Ember.png 10000 Coin icon.png


  • "Hi, I'm Krystal. I live up the mountain. No, not that one..."
  • "Thank you again for helping me."
  • "Do you still want a flower, Francis?"


  • Krystal is the guardian of the Iridium Iris flowers that grow in a mountain cave.
    • In the Anniversary 2021 Quest, Conan, Catniss, Francis and Selene find her in despair as the rainbow crystals needed to nourish the flowers have been stolen by an unnamed dragon, possibly Fafnir; the guild members naturally help her recover them and save the flowers.
  • Krystal's Rank 4 rainbow comes and goes and has sparkles that blink on and off.


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