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Green Rare Ember.png This page contains information regarding the Hero Outfits.
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When initially recruited, heroes come equipped with a Rank 1 outfit, usually consisting of little to no clothing or accessories. New outfits are unlocked as heroes are evolved to Rank 2 and Rank 4. By default, heroes will wear their highest ranking outfit, but players can choose to dress them in any of their rank outfits that have been unlocked. Moreover, some heroes have optional non-rank outfits that can be purchased or crafted when available. Following are more details about collecting hero outfits and how to equip them.

The Armory Menu[]

Players can change a hero's outfit in the Fortress by tapping the round purple icon at lower right labeled "Armory". This will display a horizontally scrolling menu showing all the outfits that have been unlocked or collected for the selected cat, defaulting to the highest unlocked rank outfit or the last chosen outfit. The currently equipped outfit is denoted by a green checkmark.

Any rank outfits that have not been unlocked yet are visible as silhouettes and cannot be selected. If any event costumes have been purchased for the cat or promotion outfits crafted, they will be displayed to the right of the rank outfits.

Until recently, event outfits for the current event could be purchased directly in the Armory menu, appearing after the rank outfits and already purchased costumes, if any. This no longer seems to be the case, and it's unclear whether this is a permanent change. Unusually, Beans' Purrismas "Catpuccino" outfit has remained available to buy in his Armory menu since it was first introduced in the Purrismas Event 2019.

After selecting a different outfit, tapping the "Confirm" button will save the choice. The hero will thereafter appear in that outfit when in the Fortress and Guild Hall as well as on quest configuration and battle screens.

Most non-rank outfits that have been collected will also appear in the Hero Book, in a horizontally scrolling set of images, although if one is currently equipped it will not necessarily be shown as default when the cat's Hero Book page is opened. Some non-rank outfits are omitted from the book, possibly due to bugs.

Alternate Rank 4 Outfits[]

A very few heroes have alternate Rank 4 outfits players can choose to equip once the cat is fully evolved: Hosico has one alternative; Gatsby currently has three; Charlie has two; and Logan has one.

Promotion Outfits[]

Currently, five heroes—Conan, Catniss, Francis, Purrcilla, and Edward—have special outfits that can be crafted when available as monthly challenges. The outfits are offered on a rotating basis and typically require 15 fully-leveled copies of the hero in question, 150 common embers, and 100,000 coins to craft. See Challenges for further details.

Event Outfits[]

Special collectible and equippable outfits have been offered for select heroes during full events since Summer Event 2017. Each event has its own set of outfits, for a particular set of cats, that usually return as that event recurs in subsequent years, with new ones often added. These outfits, also called costumes, are usually related to the theme of the event in which they appear.

Event outfits can be purchased with gems in the Event Shop on the tab labeled "Hero Outfits". Costs typically range from 120 gems for Common cat outfits to 160 gems for Mythic outfits, although there are some exceptions to this pattern. Event outfits are also included in the Event Box prize pool. (One major exception to the foregoing is that the outfits available during the Charity Event 2018 were offered as real-money purchases, with proceeds going to charity.)

Event outfits can only be purchased for cats that have already been collected, and once obtained they are kept permanently and can be equipped at any time, even during different events. An outfit for an uncollected cat can be won, however, from an event box; it will appear as an Armory option once the hero has been recruited.

As of version 3.2, the three main heroes—Conan, Catniss and Francis—all have an outfit associated with each event, while 21 other cats have outfits for up to three events. Following is a full list of heroes with their event outfit counts: Conan (11), Catniss (10), Francis (10), Pipsqueak (4), Molotov (3), Purrcilla (3), Edward (2), Kyle (2), Mewton (2), Leonard (2), Bob (2), Kai (1), Romeo (1), Juliet (1), Nyadra (1), Luna Sparkle (1), Purrcis (1), Benedict (1), Nessie (1), Beans (1), Sandy Claws (1), Chief (1), Curio (1) and Newt (1).

Summer Event[]

Halloween Event[]

Purrismas Event[]

Mew Year's Eve[]

Valentine Event[]

Spring Festival[]

Call of Heroes[]

Anniversary Event[]

Charity Event[]


  • Prior to the introduction of Hero Outfits in Summer Event 2017, alternative cat appearances were added to the game by duplicating a cat, giving it a new outfit, and counting it as a different hero that had to be recruited independently of the original. This occurred with three cats in each of two different events:
  • The first ever hero outfits in Summer Event 2017 cost 200 gems each, and it wasn't until the following events that prices were mostly standardized at 120 gems for a Common cat's outfit, 140 for a Rare cat's, and 160 for a Mythic cat's.
    • One exception to this pricing scheme is the "Christmas Sled Bob" outfit, which has been priced at 160 gems despite Bob being a Common cat.
  • The three main heroes' party hats were first worn during the Anniversary Event 2017 before being repurposed as collectible items; they are the least expensive of all the event outfits, priced at only 5 gems each in the Mew Year's Eve 2017 mini-event and 10 gems each during the Mew Year's Eve 2019 mini-event.
  • Purrcis and Sandy Claws are the only event cats to have their own event outfits.

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