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Green Rare Ember.png This page contains information and dialogue for Heen.
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Color Rare Ember.png Heen is an event cat that can't be currently acquired in Castle Cats but still exists in-game for those who have already obtained it.

Heen is a Mythic Anniversary Purchase Hero.

➢ Heen was available in the Anniversary Icon.png Anniversary Event 2022 for $4.99 USD.


Silhouette when Locked Heen Locked.png
Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 4
Heen Rank 1.png Heen Rank 2.png Heen Rank 4.png
Heen is a private fellow. They spread rumors about themself around Catania to confuse people about what is true and what is not. As a result, only a handful know the real Heen.
Rank 1 Rank 3 Rank 5

Magical icon.png
Trait - Flame Catcher
Enables a chance to get a random Rare Ember during Battle.

Flame Catcher Icon.png

Crafty icon.png
Mythic Cat icon.png
Anniversary Event
Anniversary Icon.png


Rank 2 2 Blue Rare Ember.png 2000 Coin icon.png
Rank 3 4 Blue Rare Ember.png 4000 Coin icon.png
Rank 4 6 Blue Rare Ember.png 6000 Coin icon.png
Rank 5 8 Blue Rare Ember.png 10000 Coin icon.png


  • "Psst, I'm actually not from Catania."
  • "My father is a dog."
  • "I was born in the capital."


  • Heen appears to be a reference to the 2004 animated film Howl's Moving Castle.
    • Heen is the name of the dog in the movie.
    • One of Heen's lines, about their father being a dog, might be a sly nod to the cat's inspirational source.
    • So might the line about not being from Catania: In the book from which the film was adapted, it is revealed that Howl is originally from another version of Earth.
    • The cat Heen wears a checkered cape and a pendant very similar to those worn by Howl.
  • Heen is a transcat.[1]



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