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The Exclusive Shop can be found by tapping the purple box with a yellow bow in the lower right of the guild hall screen. It offers heroes and various resources and benefits as real-money purchases, as well as Guild Leader customization items available for in-game currency.

Value Packs[]

Value packs are one-time-only purchase bundles that include one hero each along with a variety of Materials. All cats in the bundles are otherwise available from Boxes in the Shop.

Pack 1 costs $14.99 USD and includes:
Morrigan, 840 Gems.png, 3 Mythic Ticket.png, 10 Red Rare Ember.png, 10 Green Rare Ember.png, 10 Blue Rare Ember.png

Pack 2 costs $9.99 USD and includes:
Maximus, 360 Gems.png, 1 Mythic Ticket.png, 3 Rare Ticket.png, 4 Red Rare Ember.png, 4 Green Rare Ember.png, 4 Blue Rare Ember.png

Pack 3 costs $4.99 USD and includes:
Angel, 180 Gems.png, 2 Rare Ticket.png, 2 Red Rare Ember.png, 2 Green Rare Ember.png, 2 Blue Rare Ember.png, 10 Red Ember.png, 10 Green Ember.png, 10 Blue Ember.png

The Essential Pack costs $0.99 USD and includes:
Bob, 10,000 Coin icon.png, 10 Green Ember.png

Celebrity Hero[]

Star icon.png

Main Article: Celebrity Heroes
Twenty celebrity heroes, each based on a real-life cat who is famous on social media, are available for purchase at $4.99 USD each.


Privileges are microtransaction purchases that offer benefits spread over a fixed period of time.

Monthly Token Card.png

Monthly Token Card, $9.99 USD
The token card provides 10 Reputation tokens a day for 30 days, totaling 300 tokens, 100 from each of the three allied guilds. The tokens can be claimed from a dedicated tab in the Daily Events window.

Monthly Gem Subscription.png

Monthly Gem Card, $4.99 USD
This privilege gives buyers a total of 800 gems over a 30-day period: 25 gems per day plus a bonus 50 gems on the first day. These gems can be claimed from a dedicated tab in the Daily Events window.

Weekly Gold & XP Subscription.png

Subscription, $0.99 USD per week
The weekly gold and XP subscription doubles the base gold and XP rewards on all quests. It renews automatically each week until the buyer unsubscribes.

Outfit Box[]

Outfit Box.png

The outfit box offers 75 unique guild leader items (including all variations) not available elsewhere. One item is awarded at random each time the box is opened. Duplicates are possible, although a "consolation" prize—such as gems, coins, rare embers, or reputation tokens—is awarded instead. The box is available for 50,000 Coin icon.png once a week, resetting Mondays at midnight (00:00) local time. After the gold cost is used, the box is available for 100 Gems.png until the gold cost returns. Outfit box tickets Outfit Box Ticket.png, which provide a free chance at the box, are sometimes given as rewards for levelling up. Images of all outfit box items can be found on the Avatar Customization page.


Artifacts Icon.png

Artifacts are guild leader items from past events that return for a limited time and can be purchased with gems. Six artifacts are available at a time, and they refresh once a week on Saturdays at midnight (00:00) local time. The same set of artifacts appears for all players, and items already owned are indicated with a green checkmark and cannot be purchased again.

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