We know about Embers, well, you use them to upgrade your cats. But the question is still asked, how do you get them?

How to get the embersEdit

You can get Embers by logging in daily, but what I am focusing on today is how you get them from quests! By completing certain quests, you can earn Embers. Shown in the picture below, you can see that one of the quests has a Red Common Ember as a reward, and in the near top right corner, you can see "Tuesday" and a Red Common Ember on top of that.​ 

Screenshot 2019-01-29-20-10-26
Each day of the week you get a higher chance of different embers for completing these special quests, the key is shown below.

Monday: Gems

Tuesday: Red Common Ember​​​​ 

Wednesday: Green Common Ember
Green Ember

Thursday: Blue Common Ember

Friday: Red Rare Ember

Saturday: Green Rare Ember

Sunday: Blue Rare Ember

This loops as the week ends.

Red Ember
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