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Daily events provide various opportunities for players to earn rewards on a recurring basis. The Daily Events window is accessed by tapping on the scroll in the upper right corner of the guild hall screen, and the daily reset occurs at midnight (00:00) local time. Following are details about the available rewards and how to earn them for each of the tabs in the window.

Daily Offer[]

The Daily Offer, which actually resets every 12 hours from the last ad watched, offers increasing amounts of gold in exchange for, first, watching a short ad, and then for payments in gems. The preceding offer(s) must be claimed to unlock the subsequent offer(s), and each can only be claimed once per reset.

  • Offer #1: Watch an ad for 5,000 Coin icon.png
  • Offer #2: 15 Gems.png for 15,000 Coin icon.png
  • Offer #3: 25 Gems.png for 25,000 Coin icon.png

Invite Friends[]

Note: If you are under 16, or Castle Cats believes you are under 16, this tab will not appear.
The Invite Friends tab is for generating links that can be used to recruit friends to download and play the game. Invite links can be delivered in a variety of ways and do not require the use of Facebook. In order to count as a successful recruit, a different link must be used by each invitee; the recruit must download the game to a device that has never had it installed before; and the recruit must play the game through completion of the tutorial.

Players who successfully recruit three friends will be awarded a special cat hero, Minty Heart. Players can continue to invite friends and receive rewards for each one successfully recruited, up to three reward chests per week, as pictured below.

Invite Rewards Chest Offer.jpg


Main Article: Challenges
Challenges unlock at level 6, and there are three kinds that differ by duration: monthly challenges, which reset on the first of the month at 00:00; weekly challenges, which reset on Mondays at 00:00; and daily challenges that reset at 00:00 every day. One of each kind is available at any given time, and they all involve gathering and exchanging resources for a variety of rewards. The longer the duration of the challenge, the more difficult it is to fulfill. Challenges rotate on a fixed cycle, so players have recurring opportunities to meet the requirements of any particular challenge.

Daily Quests[]

At each daily reset, players are presented with four tasks to complete for a reward. They refresh regardless of whether or not the previous day's quests were completed. The tasks, which mostly involve regular gameplay, are chosen at random from the following:

  • Enter 3 battles for 500 Gold or 10 battles for 1500 Gold.
    • Note: You don't have to interact with the battle, or even use multiple quests for a battle to count. Because of this, you can send cats on one quest, and exit from a battle three/ten times on it to complete this task.
  • Collect 300 Materials for 500 Gold or 700 materials for 1500 Gold.
  • Shake heroes for 100 gold for 250 Gold.
    • Tap-hold a cat and drag it around to make it drop gold.
  • Play 3 Mini-games for 1 Gem.
  • Complete 5 quests for 500 Gold or 10 for 1500 Gold.
  • Watch 3 ads for 1 Gem.

After completing three of these quests, players are rewarded with a Shaky Box randomly containing one of the following:

5 Gems.png 2 Gold Nugget icon.png 2 Oldwood icon.png 2 Silk icon.png 2 Red Rare Ember.png 2 Green Rare Ember.png
2 Blue Rare Ember.png 2 Red Ember.png 2 Green Ember.png 2 Blue Ember.png 1 Rare Ticket.png 7500 Coin icon.png

Owl Courier[]

The Owl Courier resets at local time 00:00 and, in return for watching a short ad, will provide a reward randomly chosen from the following:

  • 1 Blue Rare Ember.png
  • 1 Green Rare Ember.png
  • 1 Red Rare Ember.png
  • 1 Blue Ember.png
  • 1 Green Ember.png
  • 1 Red Ember.png
  • 5,000 Coin icon.png

Monthly Gem Card[]

This tab is where players who have purchased a Monthly Gem Card can claim their daily gems. It only appears while the card is active.

Monthly Gem Card.jpg

Monthly Token Card[]

This tab is where players who have purchased a Monthly Token Card can claim their daily Reputation tokens. It only appears while the card is active.

Daily Reward[]

Main Article: Daily Rewards
When launching the game for the first time after the daily reset, players are presented with the Daily Reward window. If the game is running at that time, the reward can be claimed instead from this tab, which displays rewards for a static 15-day period. Rewards are on a fixed schedule and vary as a player advances, but often include gems, gold and embers as well as 13 Daily Reward heroes, or "calendar cats", in the first 365 days of play. Daily rewards progress based on the days a player launches the game at least once; rewards are not missed or reset on days the game is not launched. That is, the reward schedule will pick up where it left off no matter how long a player has been away from the game.

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