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Celestia is a Legendary Calendar Hero.

➢ Celestia is unlocked through the Calendar Cat Icon.png Daily Rewards at day 365.


Silhouette when Locked Celestia Locked.png
Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 4
Celestia Rank 1.png Celestia Rank 2.png Celestia Rank 4.png
It took 365 days for Celestia's travels to lead her here. This little one's name is Lucius. One day he will be just as big and powerful as his friend. But not yet...
Rank 1 Rank 3 Rank 5

Magical icon.png
Trait - Divine Being
15% chance to give 100% extra Event Materials when Quest has an Event Material reward.

Divine Being icon.png

Perceptive icon.png
LMythic Cat icon.png
Daily Rewards
Calendar Cat Icon.png


Rank 2: 2 Blue Rare Ember.png 2000 Coin icon.png
Rank 3: 4 Blue Rare Ember.png 4000 Coin icon.png
Rank 4: 6 Blue Rare Ember.png 6000 Coin icon.png
Rank 5: 8 Blue Rare Ember.png 10000 Coin icon.png


  • "You've come such a long, long way."
  • "All good things come to those who wait."
  • "I am a divine being."

Rank 4[]

  • "His name is Lucius, he is my companion."
  • "Light and dark must exist in harmony."
  • "I once had a rainbow tail, but the trend passed..."


  • Celestia might be a reference to yin-yang, a concept originating in ancient Chinese philosophy that sees opposite forces as interdependent and counterbalancing.
    • Her trait, Divine Being, is represented by a modern taijitu, widely popularized in the West as the "yin-yang symbol".
    • One of her lines, "Light and dark must exist together in harmony", sounds like one of the concepts of yin-yang.
    • Celestia and Lucius' color schemes might represent the light (yang) and dark (yin) of yin-yang.
  • Celestia is probably also based on the character Princess Celestia of the television series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
    • She bears the same name and has a similar color scheme.
    • Her lines, "You`ve come such a long, long way." and "I once had a rainbow tail, but the trend passed...", might also relate to the princess.
    • Luna Sparkle, Minty Heart, Starsky and June are other Castle Cats heroes who are probably derived from particular characters in the My Little Pony franchise.
  • According to her description, Celestia "took 365 days" to reach the guild, a reference to her position as the Daily Reward for players on their 365th day of playing the game.
  • According to the 2022 Ask-The-Devs-Anything, Celestia helped Nicole harness her powers and became something of a mentor to her.[1]


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  1. Castle Cats Twitter post during the Ask-Us-Anything 2022, March 16, 2022.

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