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Celebrity heroes are licensed renditions of real-life cats who are famous on social media. At present there are 20 such heroes, 13 of which were originally offered as premium purchases during the Charity Event 2017. The Charity Event 2018 was the last time the event was held and the last time any of the celebrity cats were available for recruitment until August, 2020. Introduced in version 2.13.2, the Celebrity Hero section of the Exclusive Shop now offers these cats for sale at $4.99 USD each.

The following table displays the available celebrity heroes along with their attributes.

Cat Skills Trait First Available
Maccha Rank 4.png
Charismatic icon.pngHeroic icon.png Scavenger icon.png August 14–17, 2020
Matilda Rank 4.png
Perceptive icon.pngCharismatic icon.png Keen Eyes icon.PNG August 21–24, 2020
Hiro Rank 4.png
Magical icon.pngSneaky icon.png Fortune Teller icon.PNG August 28–31, 2020
Hosico Rank 4.png
Heroic icon.pngAthletic icon.png Fortune Teller icon.PNG September 4–7, 2020
Finnegan Rank 4.png
Sneaky icon.pngAthletic icon.png Scavenger icon.png September 11–14, 2020
Nala Rank 4.png
Perceptive icon.pngSneaky icon.png Keen Eyes icon.PNG September 18–21, 2020
Alice (Charity) Rank 4.png
Alice (Charity)
Sneaky icon.pngHeroic icon.png Keen Eyes icon.PNG September 25–28, 2020
Coffee Rank 4.png
Sneaky icon.pngMagical icon.png Luminous icon.png October 2–5, 2020
Klaus Rank 4.png
Perceptive icon.pngSneaky icon.png Fighter icon.png October 9–12, 2020
Monty Rank 4.png
Heroic icon.pngCrafty icon.png Fighter icon.png October 16–19, 2020
Molly Rank 4.png
Charismatic icon.pngHeroic icon.png Fortune Teller icon.PNG May 7–10, 2021
Cole Rank 4.png
Charismatic icon.pngHeroic icon.png Scavenger icon.png October 23–26, 2020
Marmalade Rank 4.png
Magical icon.pngCrafty icon.png Fighter icon.png October 23–26, 2020
Oskar Rank 2.png
Sneaky icon.pngPerceptive icon.png Scavenger icon.png November 6–9, 2020
Henry Rank 4.png
Magical icon.pngSneaky icon.png Taskmaster icon.PNG February 12–15, 2021
Oreo Rank 4.png
Athletic icon.pngMagical icon.png Scavenger icon.png February 19–22, 2021
Eric (Celebrity) Rank 4.png
Eric (Celebrity)
Sneaky icon.pngPerceptive icon.png Taskmaster icon.PNG February 26–March 1, 2021
Ollie Rank 4.png
Heroic icon.pngCrafty icon.png Recharger icon.PNG February 26–March 1, 2021
Atchoum Rank 4.png
Crafty icon.pngPerceptive icon.png Radiant icon.png June 10, 2021
Smush Rank 4.png
Sneaky icon.pngHeroic icon.png Scavenger icon.png June 10, 2021


  • There were originally 15 Charity cats offered during the 2017 event; of those, only 13 are being made available in the Celebrity Hero shop.
    • Loki was removed from the game in October, 2020, and replaced with a new Mythic Box cat, Loka.
    • Waffles was renamed and redesigned as the Mythic Box hero Pancake in June, 2021.
  • Five new celebrity cats were added to the Hero Book in February, 2021: Henry, Oreo, Eric (Celebrity), Ollie and Molly.
  • The most recent additions to the celebrity hero lineup are Atchoum and Smush, introduced to the game in June, 2021.

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