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The active Castle Cats Wiki Staff are those with extra permissions to help out around the wiki. They are also long-term fans and contributors who are knowledgeable about the game and rules of the wiki. Go to one of their Message Walls or the Wiki Discord if you need help or have any queries :)

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Trunkuza [Head Admin]
User Rights: Bureaucrat; Admin
Promoted: August 12, 2017
Local Time: 19:41, 24 Sep (UTC-5 [EST]) (reset)
Overseer of: Templates; Wiki Theme
Helps out with:

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User Rights: Admin
Promoted: March 3, 2018
Local Time: 10:41, 25 Sep (UTC+10 [AEST]) (reset)
Overseer of: CSS
Helps out with: Transparent Images; Timewalkers; Cat Pages; Avatar Customization

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User Rights: Content Moderator
Promoted: March 3, 2018
Local Time: 01:41, 25 Sep (UTC+1 [CET]) (reset)
Overseer of: Event Pages
Helps out with: Event Pages; Event Transcripts

Inactive/Former Staff

  • Melicent [Former Content Moderator] (retired March 2019)
  • Fan [Founder] (last seen March 2017)

User Rights

[For a full list, check out Help:User Rights]
Different user groups have different permissions. On the Castle Cats Wiki, we currently have three different assigned User Groups - Bureaucrat, Admin [sysop] and Content Moderator. Check to make sure you contact a Staff member who can do what you're asking!

Bureaucrats can...

  • Promote Users

Admins can...

  • Change MediaWiki pages [ie: CSS, JavaScript, Community Corner, Navigation...]
  • Block Users
  • Edit Comments
  • Moderate Discussions
  • Change the Wiki's Theme
  • Delete Comments, Images & Pages
  • Rename Images & Pages [without redirect]
  • Protect Pages

Content Moderators can...

  • Delete Comments, Images & Pages
  • Rename Images & Pages [without redirect]
  • Protect Pages
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