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Note: The FANDOM Terms of Use apply to this wiki. Please ensure you're familiar with them as they will be enforced in addition to the wiki guidelines.

Anyone and everyone can contribute to this wiki, be it by commenting or editing. As such, to keep the wiki a safe, friendly, and constructive environment the following guidelines should be adhered to. If you have any questions about the guidelines, feel free to bring them up with a member of the Wiki Staff.

Creating Pages

Do not create nonsense pages, duplicate pages, or pages about content that does not exist in the game. Pages regarding upcoming features and Heroes, as announced on social media, are allowed. However, Template:Upcoming should be included at the top so it is clear to readers that the content is upcoming, and links/citations must also be used.

Please don't create pages just to put "TBA", "content coming", etc. Having a non-existent page is better as people then know the wiki doesn't have the information yet without having to follow another link. A placeholder page for upcoming heroes we know nothing about is also ill-advised for the same reason.

It is advisable to run new/unique page ideas past a member of the Wiki Staff to make sure your hard work is not put to waste on a page that is not needed or already exists.

In your own personal user space ("User:[Username]/[Page Name]") you are free to create whatever pages you wish so long as they do not break any other rules.


Do not vandalize pages or purposefully add incorrect information. If you accidentally mess up a page you will not be in trouble, but please undo your edit or ask a member of the Wiki Staff for assistance.

Please add an edit summary that reflects the reason the edit was made. This is to make it easier to understand what happened each edit when going through the recent changes or page history.

Try not to engage in edit wars with other users – if you're having a disagreement with someone about a page's content, instead of continually changing it back and forth try and speak to them about it. Generally a member of the Wiki Staff should not be required, but please call on one of them to step in if it escalates or you require assistance.

Please do not add genders for heroes unless they are confirmed by either:

  1. A Hero Book entry
  2. Story dialogue
  3. A Castle Cats social media post or comment / a developaw

This is to avoid arguments and to make sure the information on this wiki is factual and unbiased. You must always provide a citation for gender confirmation as well.

When adding a trivia reference for a Hero, make sure it is backed up by the game in some way. When in doubt about your trivia proposal, start a comment discussion on the page in question instead of editing.

If you would like to make a large change or a complete overhaul to a very popular page (eg: Hero Book) please discuss this with a Wiki Staff member first. Similarly, if you want to make a change to a set of pages that all have the same layout (notably the Hero pages), also discuss this with a Wiki Staff member.

Do not make changes to other editor’s user pages. If you see an issue with someone's userpage (ie: redlinks, missing files, spelling errors) please bring it up with the user themselves. [Staff may override this last rule in favor of convenience when correcting redlinks]


Remain respectful, and try not to cause unnecessary conflict with other commenters. Avoid vulgar language, insults and discriminative behavior.

Keep comments on-topic and relevant to the page they're on. Irrelevant comments will be removed, and comments such as "first", "second", etc. are deleted on sight. If a comment string is veering off-topic, please relocate it to a message wall.

Do not pretend to be multiple people in a conversation, nor imitate others.

Do not purposefully comment incorrect or misleading information (ex: "the developaws said Conan will be removed from all the stories"). You won’t get into trouble if you make a mistake and accidently provide incorrect information, or if you theorize on a feature/plushie and get it wrong.

You absolutely may comment on a page about information you think is missing or wrong. If the information comes from the developaws please also include a citation if you can.


Note: This is referring to the "Discussions" feature on Wiki. Discussions on other parts of the wiki fall under the "Commenting" section above.

Discussions has its own rules, please read the Discussions Rules before participating.


Note: Timejumping is cheating; reverse engineering or otherwise accessing the internal files of the game is also cheating. You are not allowed to share how to cheat, or information gained by cheating. It does not matter if you yourself are cheating or not, any such commentary is deleted on sight and/or edits are reverted.

If someone has provided screenshots of time-locked content before UTC+14 (the earliest timezone) would unlock it, the information should not be on the wiki and the person is most likely time jumping.

Beta Testing and Translating

Unless the devs have told you otherwise, do not share any information that you got due to being a Beta Tester or a Translator. If a Beta Tester or Translator has shared any such information with you, you may not share it either.

Timejumpers have been known to claim themselves to be "beta testers". Any information a "beta tester" shares with you should definitely not be re-shared on the wiki.


If you receive a warning from a staff member, or a message asking you not to do something, listen. It is preferred if you could acknowledge said warning/message. If you do not listen and do not acknowledge, the issue will escalate and may result in incremental wiki blocks.

Witnessing Rule Breaking

If you see someone breaking the rules, or even if you think someone may be breaking the rules, please bring it to the attention of a staff member either on Discord or one of their message walls. Do not confront rulebreakers/potential rulebreakers yourself.

If there is vandalism on a page please remove it and revert the page back to its proper form. Pages with no prior edit history and made up entirely of offensive material should be blanked; It is alright if you are successful in removing the vandalism but not entirely successful in reverting the page back to its proper form, you will not be punished. If you feel uncomfortable removing the vandalism for whatever reason then feel free to just report the problem to staff.