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Slytherinisforver Slytherinisforver 7 September 2020

Dungeon Dogs Wiki

Hello everyone!

Ever since the announcement of Dungeon Dogs a few months back, there has been the question of how are we going to handle its documentation?

After discussion among us wiki admins and editors, with some community input, we still weren’t sure. So we decided to throw it to the community and the preference was clear: separate wikis.

Hence, we have created a Dungeon Dogs wiki that will be a mirror image of this wiki. For the interim, the admins of the Castle Cats Wiki are also the admins of the Dungeon Dogs Wiki. This is purely because we consider the highest priority setting everything up and editing, not getting an ideal staff team off the bat.

The wiki is heavily WIP right now but the base has been set up, so feel free to check it …

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Lovekit300 Lovekit300 1 June 2020

Hi I would like a detailed option please!

Hi am am having Trouble Deciding what to get for the event. I Know i is my design but I just what to hear what people have to say please comment for your opinion. I can get Guild leader outfits event eggs anything you can get with event materials, Thank You!

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Rip Spottedleaf Rip Spottedleaf 28 May 2020

I finally reached level 25!

ive only been playing for a little, but i LOVE the game and cant stop playing it! i even convinced most of my family to play and they love it too!

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Ostrovacka Ostrovacka 3 November 2019


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Slytherinisforver Slytherinisforver 29 August 2019

Adding New Cats Articles

This blog tutorial is assuming no prior knowledge of templates and editing. If you have prior knowledge it will probably explain some things you already know. If you have any suggestions/feedback/extra questions please leave them in the comments below ^^

When there is a new cat, more than just a page has to be created for them. There are many templates that have to be edited as well (but it used to be many more), and you have to know what each of them does and how they work. This whole process is what I'm here to explain!

I'll be explaining it in the order I normally do it, but it does not have to be done in this order [except for creating the page AFTER editing the templates (that's probably a good idea otherwise the page will look weird f…

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GhaztlyIsTakenAlready GhaztlyIsTakenAlready 17 March 2019


This is an image that i found that looks that they were probably testing the game before the beta.

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Moony Moony Moony Moony 15 December 2018

The Nut Egg

When we cats got the Purrismas update,we never had an egg that needed 3 of two different cats!I hear people got the egg and it is Peanut,but she is a rare!You sacrifice (not really the best word)6rares and you get another rare?Maybe a mythic would reward the hard work people spent trying to get the thousands of materials!I am OK if you disagree with me,because I am a level 27 and if you are higheryou probably will get her faster. Please comment on what you think below!

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Starry Starri Starry Starri 14 December 2018

Purrismas Time!

Hey guys! Finally, a Christmas *ahem* sorry, PURRISMAS article! What do you guys want for Christmas? Comment down below! As well as that, the Purrismas Event quest has started. It’s supposed to last till Christmas! How do you think the event will end? Obviously Bob gets a sled! I’m going to be SO HAPPY the moment I see his happy face when he receives it. This Purrismas Event is related to The Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens. Charlie is clearly Ebenezer Scrooge, and the three ghosts are: Kai Sandy Claws Lisa

When you look at how Charlie evolves, the three spirits are in each of his evolutions. Sandy Claws is first, indicating that she is the Spirit of the Past. I’ve read the book I while ago, so I don’t exactly remember the exact title.…

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Starry Starri Starry Starri 14 December 2018

Drama Drama

Hey guys! My second blog post today, this more about my life and how you guys can help!

So I have a friend. She’s a really nice and close friend of mine and she’s an awesome person. She recently has had some friend problems. Her friends bully her yet she’s still friends with them and believes their lies. She finds out about their lies and STILL IS THEIR FRIEND. She sits with us at our lunch table because by best friend and also her best friend sit there. She has two other friends who sit at that lunch table and they are super awesome people. They’ll never let her down. But the people who bully her are not exactly good people.

They both have started wearing makeup. You know those kids at school that follow another kid ALL THE TIME? If they j…

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Starry Starri Starry Starri 13 December 2018

About the previous article.../Shipping polls+more

After a talk with one of the castle cats wiki moderators, I decided that my previous blog post was slightly unfair. So I am unsure about what to do about my blog post. Is there any way to delete it? And do I want to delete it? You can comment down below about whether you want me to delete it or do you know how? Just a heads up, my comment on Purrcilla’s page is now deleted so you cannot see it anymore. Sorry!

I decided to take a quick poll with any of you readers that like to click on profiles and read blog posts (you’ll find interesting ones on here). Actually, two quick polls.

One poll is this: Do you think Purrcilla is a good cat? It doesn’t matter what you think about her that is good, maybe her design, or her herself, or the fact that s…

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Moony Moony Moony Moony 12 December 2018

Buying Stormcloud

Hi!I just got Stormcloud just a few days ago and I am wondering if he is a good(dun dun dun)or maybe bad cat.I mean I wasted (maybe not the right word)200 gems that I might have used in the Mew years eve event!And I am thinking of buying Lisa,actually I could buy Lisa right now if I wanted to.You could reply,but I would love most of you vote on my poll in the discussion.

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Starry Starri Starry Starri 11 December 2018

I’m so mad right now!

I like Purrcilla I think she’s a good cat. Do you?

I’m mad because someone shot down my ideas about Purrcilla. Check out her page comments to find out exactly what!

I’m not trying to be mean to the person, I’m really not. They have some good ideas themselves! Not that I’ve ever shot one of them down. They didn’t accept my idea either!

I did comment somewhat about why people hate Purrcilla so much. But nothing about disliking their ideas!!!! I did make some comments on some but not to fight them but to let people know that PURRCILLA IS NOT A BAD CAT.

Maybe has some misleaded actions but is not a bad cat. WHY YOU GOTTA DIS Purrcilla!? But anyway, I was commenting on someone talking about their…

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Starry Starri Starry Starri 27 November 2018


I’m back at it again! Gem Monday may as well be my favorite long as I get some gems! I tend to find that either the beginning or the end of the day is when they give the most gem’s like that for everything! Here are some tips to gem-grinding,which I thank Slytherinisforever and Moony Moony for giving me some great tips.

1.Don’t spend on stupid things! Mythic boxes can be a waste of your money, which I learned the hard way. Be cautious of other things you can waste it on, for example the waiting to craft something in alchemy. Just wait. You’ll get it in the end,

2. Use gem cats! Cats with traits like Nessie give you a 5% chance to get gems as a reward from quests. That may not seem like a lot, but trust me, put these …

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Moony Moony Moony Moony 24 November 2018

Leveling up

I just got to lvl 20 and can unlock reputation.I know how it works because my sis already has it.

I just reached 300 gems so another thing to be happy for.😊This may be one of my best castle cats days,though maybe when I reach lvl 100 it will be better.🎉🎉🎉

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Starry Starri Starry Starri 24 November 2018

Hi guys!

Hi! Today has had its ups and downs. Got a rare ticket from quest! Then spent money and tickets on 6 rare boxes only to get no new cats. People replied to my comments and I was happy. I read comments on Purrcilla about how people hated her and was sad. Purrcilla is a good cat! Does nobody think that Purrcilla might have gotten struck by a love dart? And now posting this blog post! I really hope people read this and please comment to tell me whether it was good or not! I will make some changes to my next post. Thanks for reading, because it means a lot!

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Moony Moony Moony Moony 24 November 2018

Christmas Time

Hey guys!!!Thanksgiving is officially over and the Christmas season is on!!!How many of you have set up your Christmas tree?

I have!🌲🌲pls respond!

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Moony Moony Moony Moony 24 November 2018

Happy life

So I just bought 2 common boxes and got snooze and Grubb both of which I did not have before.My sister bought 6 rare boxes and did not get a single new one. Sad life for her indeed.Maybe next time?

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Moony Moony Moony Moony 24 November 2018


It seems no one does any blog post so I will.Have any of you guys have a fav cat?If so tell me!I tell mine in my profile,but it is Celestia and Angel if you are lazy(like stark)😜

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Neko Atsume is the best Neko Atsume is the best 22 April 2018

Castle Cats: If you were a cat

If you were meant to be one of the cats you can unlock for your guild, who would it be? What would it look like? What are each of its outfits? What are its skills and trait? What is its description? All you need to do after that, is give it a name and a rarity (but the rarity has to match the trait unless you make your own trait.)

Name: Kenzie

Fur color: Bicolor cat black and white

Tail shape: Fluffy .

Face: Wink with green eyes

Skills: Charismatic and Athletic

Trait: Luminous (5% chance of getting a blue rare ember on any quest)

Rarity: Mythical

Outfit 2: Starry dress with a Starry hood to match

Outfit 3: Starry hood and dress with Starry boots

Description: Some say Kenzie came from space. That explains why she occasionally hovers when nightfall ar…

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Lulz145 Lulz145 25 March 2018

I found a way how to replace cats.

I already replaced Azure with Marmalade.

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Trunkuza Trunkuza 24 March 2018

List of things to check.

  • Confirm previous version APK list, to make sure that I don't have any incorrectly-named variations and/or versions of older APK.
  • Confirm Nessie's release, and original login event release and duration (starting with, and working backwards)
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GamerKat10 GamerKat10 15 March 2018


has no one made a blog? Last time I checked there was one at 2017

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Slytherinisforver Slytherinisforver 25 February 2018

Castle Cats across its Versions

For some reason I am interested in finding out about what Castle Cats was like before I started playing. Currently trying to track down exactly what version some cats were added, what features Castle Cats originally had, and a complete transcript of the News since its introduction. I've added what I know to Template:Cat info and News, but here's a table of the "features" etc. for others who like this sort of stuff:

A collection of random "DYN? stuff (some may know all of these already, but ehh):

  • Castle Cats was orig. called "Garrison Cats" in development
    • It was only called "Castle Cats" by ONE vote
  • Castle Cats was originally set inside
  • Common cats were originally denoted by a opaque white paw (Changed in V1.22)
  • The icon for Demonic Posses…

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Melicent Melicent 3 January 2018


  • 1 Gem+
  • 2 Gems (5%)
  • 3 Multi (20%)
  • 4 Rare blues (5%)
  • 5 Rare greens (5%)
  • 6 Rare reds
  • 7 +25% XP
  • 8 +10% XP if two heros+
  • 9 +25% gold
  • 10 +15% gold
  • 11 +10% gold
  • 12 +10% success
  • 13 +10% success if 1h+
  • 14 10% shorter
  • 15 25% shorter if 1h+
  • 16 Attack charge+
  • 17 Damage+

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Melicent Melicent 29 December 2017

Hero Book

My Hero Book. Current stats:

  • 23/23 common, 19/19 rare, 17/19 mythic
  • 6/8 egg, 2/4 legendary

  • 1 Common (23)
  • 2 Rare (19)
  • 3 Mythic (19)
  • 4 Egg (8)
  • 5 Legendary (4)
  • 6 Mew Year's Eve (4)
  • 7 Valentine's Day (7)
  • 8 Lunar New Year - Feb 4 (2)
  • 9 Spring Festival (10)
  • 10 Call Of Heroes(5)
  • 11 Summer (3)
  • 12 Anniversary (2)
  • 13 Halloween (15)
  • 14 Purrismas (13)
  • 15 Dress-Up Event (3)
  • 16 Nyan Nyan Nyan Day (1)
  • 17 St Patrick's Day (2)
  • 18 Charity Event (18)

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Velipseu Velipseu 17 December 2017


(nvm cancelling this)

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Slytherinisforver Slytherinisforver 20 November 2017

Cat Images

Hi everyone! I recently (AKA: 6 months ago) mentioned on Velipseu's Blog that I was trying to help make the cat images transparent, but not all of them can be done because of certain cat images.

I already knew that some of the images had different backgrounds, and that some of them just weren't there, but I thought I'd try and provide a table of all the cat's images that I think need replacing or adding. The heroes are in hero book order in their respective columns... hopefully [I mean, some of this was done from memory, so...]

Alternatively there is a list of missing images on this page: Special:Wantedfiles.

If you could add any of these (jpg/png) that would be a great help! :) [any with strike through mean they are currently not uploaded, b…

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Trunkuza Trunkuza 15 October 2017

Yikes. Style Rollouts.

Apologies, regarding last night into this morning (and hopefully again later this month), to everyone who is following a cat page (or, like me, following EVERY cat page) for all the potential "page has been edited" spam. 

It's not going to be the last time, but next rollout (and the rest of what I forgot this time) should be a few weeks from now, minimum [although, no guarantee that it won't be sooner or later], and should mainly focus on the bottom-page navigation boxes that have been missing all this time.

Trunkuza (talk) 12:46, October 15, 2017 (UTC)

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Velipseu Velipseu 24 September 2017

Wordmark for this wiki

(i think the quality is bad because the picture is tiny (ಥ ̯ ಥ) )

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Velipseu Velipseu 21 September 2017

Transparent pics

hi im back with more blog//

so i was thinking this for a while. that the cat pics should be transparent. but since almost all of the pics on this wiki is jpg.. so idk.. leave your opinion below ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Velipseu Velipseu 21 September 2017

Event outfits

should event outfit put below the original outfit?


feel free to change it back to normal

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Velipseu Velipseu 16 September 2017

Idea for the future CC wiki

Honestly this wiki needs more admin that can help making other page,edit some page,etc. You know, since the creator of this wiki is inactive.

Also, i was thinking there should be some user/admin that used for posting high quality pictures or gifs(since there's a new page about attacks) so the view of a page is gonna be great, and i think it should be Trunkuza or TheCatFan that going to post pictures , not sure who's going to post the gif/vids.

And there should be decoration like or But we need to learn about using that thing.

So there you go, my idea for future Castle Cats wiki :) (and sorry for the bad grammar :c )

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TheCatFan TheCatFan 3 September 2017

News :D ~Pictures~

*I'm starting to update any old pictures, and add any new ones.

  • I'm going to upgrade any of the low-quality pictures I find!

If you find any outdated pictures, let me know... BUT, If it's the Charity Event or Purcis (valentine event) and the witch-cat (halloween event), sorry I can't do those. (don't have those cats.)

Nothing else. Bye! ~💗

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Trunkuza Trunkuza 24 June 2017

So... Doing a thing, and had a realization.

Okay, so, I'm updating all the pages, as is probably obvious in the "Recent Activity" log, and it dawns on me that the embers could use a similar treatment, on the off chance that they change a cats' upgrade color in the future. I think that, as a young wikia, these things should be expected, but it's still a bit upsetting–to me–to have to flood the activity log in the interim. Consider this a sort of apology for the spam you guys might receive, if you are watching certain pages and/or have e-mail alerts sent for each update... --Trunkuza (talk) 06:45, June 24, 2017 (UTC)

All current pages, to my knowledge, now meet the new standard. Again, I apologize about any spam that anyone might have incurred due to this style update. The next thing o…

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