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Green Rare Ember.png Below is a list of the special attacks in Castle Cats.
All gifs are created directly from Castle Cats and are therefore copyrighted by PocApp.

Attack skills are special offensive moves heroes perform during battles at the player's initiative or when commanded to do so by a cat with the Warlord trait. They cause significantly more damage to the enemy than regular attacks do. Every hero has a particular Attack Skill usually related to the weapon it carries or its design theme. This includes the guild leader, whose special attack—which is executed automatically—varies according to its currently equipped weapon. While a few heroes have unique attacks, most attacks cluster into groups that have a range of variations within them. Note that the names for Attack Skills used on this page are arbitrary and descriptive as they do not carry official names in the game.

Using Attack Skills[]

To execute an Attack Skill, enter an ongoing quest. Wait for the cat's portrait at the bottom of the screen to flash and become surrounded by a golden border. Then tap the cat's portrait and they will launch an animated attack causing significant damage to the enemy. Damage amounts are indicated in red numbers that appear over the enemy position.

The recharge timer for a cat's Attack Skill can be shortened by tapping on the image of the enemy creature when your energy is not empty, and is lengthened when the enemy attacks the cat.

There are two subsets of Attack Skills: one does a singular amount of damage, and the other, Damage Over Time (DOT) attacks, does multiple (lesser) amounts of damage. The latter are generally more useful since excess damage from a singular attack isn't carried over to a new round when the enemy is defeated; but with DOT attacks, if the first hits defeat the current enemy, subsequent hits will be applied to the new opponent in the next round.

Regular Attacks[]

Coin Attacks[]

Cats with these Attack Skills include:
Single Coin: Athea, Beans (inc. Purrismas Outfit), Benedict, Cat Patrick, Courage, Crabina, Hood, Juliet, Maccha, Patricia, Saito, Tyrus, Smush
Bag of Coins: Charmer, Cosette, Curio (Anniversary Outfit)

Lightning Strike[]

Cats with this Attack Skill include:
Blue Bolt: Basil, Dash, Navi, Snappy, Stark, Thor
Green Bolt: Alfa
Yellow Bolt: Cole, Dory, Pink

Lightning Beam[]

Cats with this Attack Skill include:
Blue Lightning: Fortuna, Franklyn, Strix
Green Lightning: Metal Claw, Ratchet
Purple Lightning + Symbol Projection: Chloe
Yellow Lightning: Echo

Electricity Beam[]

Cats with this Attack Skill include:
Small Blue: Kenshin, Meowstein, Mewton, Stormcloud
Large Blue: Coffee
Small Green: Edward (inc. Summer Outfit), Hiro
Large Green: Boulder
Large Pink: Iko.N
Large Purple + Explosion: Edward (Monthly Outfit)

Love Beam[]

Cats with this Attack Skill include:
Angel, Angel (Festival), Beancake, Bella, Bunny, EK-0, Feoh, Florence, Francine, Francis (Valentine Outfit), Iridessa, Marigold, Minty Heart, Pancake, Pipsqueak (inc. Spring Outfit)

Rose Beam[]

Cats with this Attack Skill include:
Red: Coco, Kai (Valentine Outfit), Komachi, Pete, Phantom, Rose, Titania, Venus, Zafrina
Blue: Alice (the Dame), Juliet (Valentine Outfit), Kotinka, Paytone
Gold: Adelaide, Callum, Minerva

Plasma Beam[]

Cats with these Attack Skills include:
Polychromatic: Chroma
Thick Pink: Tekah
Thick White: Jadis, Leesi
Thick Yellow: Tefiti

Other Beams[]

Cats with these Attack Skills include:
Ice/Snow: Eych Tu-o, Frosty, Tom Snow
Pink/Blue Rings: Cluck Norris, Dovah, Flailtail, Mego, Newt (inc. Summer Outfit), Snooze, Tea-Rex, White Widow
Swirling Leaves: Tomo


Cats with this Attack Skill include:
Orange: Abuela, Anton, Chief (inc. Spring Outfit), Dexter, Fafnir, Francis (inc. Anniversary 2018 & 2019, Call of Heroes & Summer Outfits), Kyle
Large Orange: Angdra, Nyadra (inc. Anniversary 2018 Outfit)
Red: Adriel, Baz, Lucious, Lumoz, Oskar, Yangnyan
Purple: Barry, Cookie, Heen
Green-Blue: Capri, Cleo, Monty
Blue: Francis (Purrismas Outfit), Henry, Vaati
Large Blue: Francis (Monthly Outfit)

Three-Pronged Attack[]

Cats with this Attack Skill include:
Blue-Purple: Luna Sparkle
Pink-Purple: Matilda, Morrigan, Selene
Yellow-Green: Copper, Eric, Night Queen, Purrcis

Musical Attacks[]

Cats with these Attack Skills include:
Songbeam: Bill, Bubbles, Curio, Emma, Hen, Leonard (inc. Call of Heroes Outfit), Rudolph
Carolling: Calli, DJ Retr-0, Lisa, Svea
Musical Scale with Symbols: Cyrille

Stealth Shrub[]

Cats with this Attack Skill include:
Plain Shrub: Dango, Mochi, Romeo, Saber, Samūm
Flowering Shrub: Alicia, Nolan
Rosebush: Julio


Cats with these Attack Skills include:
Purple Flask + Grass: Dio
Yellow Sparks + Grass: Hoshi
Purple Sparks + Leaves: Oakenbeard
Yellow Sparks + Leaves: Levana, Oakenpaw
Yellow Sparks + Flyaway Leaves: Eira
Yellow Sparks + Blue Roses: Lotus
Red Sparks + Red Roses: Logan
Pink Sparks + Dark Flowers: Aspen (inc. Alternate Rank 4 Outfit), Logan (Spring Festival Outfit)
Yellow Sparks + Yellow Flowers: Dandelion, Lewis, Logan (Alternate Rank 4 Outfit)
Yellow Sparks + White Flowers: Aisling
White Sparks + Pink Petals: Akari, Mira


Cats with this Attack Skill include:
Black & White: Celestia
Lemonade: Sunset
Water: Clarkii, Darla, Jack, Jackson, Keiko, Molly, Nessie (inc. Summer Outfit), Peter, Starsky

Rolling Splash[]

Cats with these Attack Skills include:
Green Liquid: Marie, Sabrina, Xerxes
Paint: Frieda
Snow & Ice: Abby, Shaun
Water: Edna, Glaucous, Harbour, Lagoon, Mequa, Sandra

Splash From Below[]

Cats with this Attack Skill include:
Blue: Amelia, Sofie, Wetbeard
Pink: Purrcilla (Monthly Outfit)


Cats with these Attack Skills include:
Blue Healing Water*: Mawizinea, Purrcilla (Halloween Outfit)
Purple Love Potion*: Edward (Call of Heroes Outfit), Purrcilla (inc. Anniversary, Call of Heroes & Valentine Outfits)
Purple Bubble Potion*: Atchoum
Lump of Coal*: Charlie, Christian
Snowball*: Alfie, Avalanche, Snowball
Ice Cream Bomb*: Bob (Anniversary Outfit), Sundae
Red Candybomb: Cocoa, Ginger, Mrs Paws, Nils, Peanut, Wriggley
Blue Candybomb: Francis (Spring Outfit), Juan, Oreo
Basket of Eggs: Curio (Festival), Hop
*These animations trigger from the wrong location, at the bottom of the cat rather than its front paws.

Bouncy Bombs[]

Cats with these Attack Skills include:
Glowing Orb: Anna, Blink, Scarlet, Marmalade, Molotov (Halloween Outfit)
Regular Bomb: Molotov, Vasco
Egg Bomb with Candy: Molotov (Spring Outfit)
Glitter Bomb: Ash
Ice Bomb: Nicholas
Snow Bomb: Bob (Purrismas Outfit)
Alchemical Grenade: Edward (Purrismas Outfit)


Cats with these Attack Skills include:
Stick of Dynamite: Bob, Bob (Festival)
Firecracker with Confetti: Cherry, Dorothy, Eve, Gatsby, Niaur, Pan, Sprinkles


Cats with this Attack Skill include:
Olivia, Rocket

Ball of Yarn[]

Cats with this Attack Skill include:
Small Blue: Fort, Pappa, Raven, Stitch, Yarngirl, Guild Leader (if no weapon equipped)
Large Pink: Nobu

Blue Orb Lift-and-Throw[]

Cats with this Attack Skill include:
Azel, Opal, Rich, Huan


Cats with this Attack Skill include:
Cupcake: Cupcake, Gordon
Flowers: Flower, June, Steve, Wendy
Gem: Nicole
Heart: Lou
Magical Paw: Hilda, Murrlin
Paw Badge: Ferdinand, Justicecat
Snowflake: Lumi

Looping Electric Fireball[]

Cats with this Attack Skill include:

Spiraling Fire Blade[]

Cats with this Attack Skill include:

Damage Over Time Attacks[]


Cats with this Attack Skill include:
Arrows: Catniss (inc. Anniversary 2018 & 2019, Call of Heroes, Halloween & Summer Outfits), Cleia, Eric (Celebrity), Holland, Kate, Klaus, Nala, Robin, Skully, Soarin
Golden Arrows: Catniss (Monthly Outfit)
Pink Arrows: Harvey
Electric Arrows: Bloom
Ice Arrows: Catniss (Purrismas Outfit), Gale
Love Arrows: Amie, Amortina, Catniss (Valentine Outfit)
Leaf Arrows: Sting
Lavender Arrows: Catniss (Spring Outfit)

Falling Objects[]

Cats with these Attack Skills include:
Ice Shards: Halley, Krystal, Pipsqueak (Purrismas Outfit) (Softer)
Snowflake+Ice Shards: Angela, Sandy Claws (inc. Purrismas Outfit), Santa Paws, Yule
Shooting Stars: Aery, Boreal, Devon, Kian, Luna Sparkle (Anniversary 2018 Outfit), Star

Pillar of Fire[]

Cats with this Attack Skill include:
Yellow: Khoshek
Guild Banner + Yellow: Conan (inc. Anniversary 2018 & 2019, Call of Heroes, Summer & both Spring Outfits), Maximus, Ollie
Guild Banner + Blue: Conan (Purrismas Outfit), Knightniss, Hosico
Guild Banner + Thick Orange: Conan (Monthly Outfit)

Smoke Rings[]

Cats with this Attack Skill include:
Red/Orange: Grubb, Megara, Mortimer, Red Robin, Sibuna
Pink/Blue: Alice (Charity), Gruna Barkle, Redmane, Ryder, Silver, Stillsphere, Yasper

Multiple Lightning Strikes[]

Cats with this Attack Skill include:
Green/Blue: Agatha, Howard, Kai, Wadjet
Rainbow: Azure, Chi, Jin Shu, Lois, Pax, Rainbow, Tufu, Xiao Hui
Red: Cassandra, Jason, Surana

Bat Colony[]

Cats with this Attack Skill include:
Green: Kittysticks
Orange: Ace, Lucy, Pumpy
Purple: Jörgen, Loka, Lucas, Lune, Tigerbat
Red: Conan (Halloween Outfit), Francis (Halloween Outfit), Kyle (Halloween Outfit), Pipsqueak (Halloween 2021 Outfit)

Bee Swarm[]

Cats with this Attack Skill include:
Atlas, Florinda, Renée


Cats with these Attack Skills include:
Candy: Berry, Shirley
Multi-colored Christmas Ornaments: Holly
Red Christmas Ornaments: Kai (Purrismas Outfit)

Fireball & Fireworks[]

Cats with this Attack Skill include:

Triple Swish[]

Cats with this Attack Skill include:
Snowflakes: Nora
Stars: Magic Mia

Electricity Beam (DOT)[]

Cats with this Attack Skill include:
Mewton (Call of Heroes Outfit), Miss Jura

Spinning Orb[]

Cats with this Attack Skill include:

Unknown Attack Skills[]

  • Recent Cats: Veronica
  • Celebrity Cats: Finnegan
  • Anniversary 2018 Outfit: Purrcis
  • Halloween Outfits: Mewton, Pipsqueak (Maid)
  • Purrismas Outfits: Demaires
  • Valentine Outfits: Conan, Benedict, Kyle, Molotov, Romeo
  • Call of Heroes Outfits: Courage
  • Charity Outfits: Conan, Catniss, Francis, Leonard

Missing Attack Skills GIFs[]

Note: Attacks marked with an asterisk are unique and thus needed for posting on this page.

  • Abby, Abuela, Ace, Adelaide, Aery, Akari, Alice (Charity), Alicia, Amie, Anton, Atchoum*, Atlas, Avalanche, Beancake, Callum, Christian, Cocoa, Cookie, Crabina, Cyrille*, Dandelion, Darla, Demaires*, Devon, EK-0, Eric (Celebrity), Fafnir, Finnegan, Fort, Fortuna*, Franklyn*, Glaucous, Holland, Iridessa, Jack, Jin Shu, Jörgen, Juan, Kate, Kian, Kotinka, Lewis, Loka, Lotus*, Lucas, Lune, Maccha, Marmalade, Matilda, Miss Jura*, Mortimer, Nala, Niaur, Nicholas*, Ollie, Opal, Oreo, Pan, Pancake, Pappa, Pete, Peter, Pumpy, Rainbow, Rudolph, Ryder, Saber, Selene, Shaun*, Skully, Smush, Star, Stillsphere, Strix, Svea, Thena*, Titania, Tom Snow, Vaati, Vasco, Veronica, Wadjet, Wriggley, Xerxes, Yasper, Yule, Zafrina
  • Monthly Outfits: Edward*
  • Summer Outfits: Conan, Francis, Edward, Nessie, Newt
  • Halloween Outfits: Conan*, Catniss, Francis*, Kyle*, Mewton, Pipsqueak (2), Purrcilla
  • Purrismas Outfits: Conan, Catniss, Francis, Edward, Pipsqueak, Bob*, Sandy Claws, Beans, Demaires
  • Mew Year's Eve Outfits: Conan, Catniss, Francis
  • Valentine Outfits: Conan, Francis, Romeo, Kyle, Benedict, Molotov, Kai
  • Spring Festival Outfits: Conan (Floral), Catniss*, Francis*, Molotov*, Pipsqueak, Chief, Logan*
  • Call of Heroes Outfits: Conan, Catniss, Leonard, Mewton*, Purrcilla, Edward*, Courage
  • Anniversary 2018 Outfits: Purrcis
  • Charity Outfits: Conan, Catniss, Francis, Leonard

Legacy Attack Animations[]

Over the course of Halloween 2019 and Purrismas 2019 new animations have rolled out. Here are some of the old animations used before:

Guild Leader Attack Skills[]

Since version 1.6.5, the Guild Leader can enter the quests.
They used to do a seemingly random attack that the player couldn't control.
As of version 2.8.4 the Guild Leader's attack is stronger, happens more frequently, and its animation depends on the weapon wielded. Legacy animation:
Special attack guild leader.gif


  • The first DOT cat was Holly, after which in subsequent patches the effect was added to other animations as well.
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